Top 5 Adidas Parkour Shoes: Buyer’s Guide

Parkour is an extreme sport. Aspects of parkour involve intense activity, and parkour athletes need the right gear for better and faster performance. As an intense sport, parkour requires a lot of jumping, running, rolling, and climbing, so you are going to need some footwear that can keep up. Adidas Parkour shoes will help you achieve your parkour goals.

Whether you are trail running or jumping from heights, you need shoes with a nice grip and soft cushioning to protect your feet. Selecting the right pair of training shoes for parkour activities is imperative for optimal performance and safety.

With the growing popularity of parkour, a wide variety of parkour shoes are now available. If you are looking for parkour shoes at affordable prices, this article presents some of the best Adidas parkour shoes on the market. Note that you can also use these durable parkour shoes for other intense activities.

Key Performance Points

To perform at your best in the sport of parkour, you will need the right gear. For beginners, it can be a bit overwhelming to find the perfect pair of Adidas parkour shoes. You want a pair that fits all your requirements while still giving you the best bang for your buck.

A beginner may have a lot of questions when buying a pair of parkour shoes, such as:

  • Should I buy a heavy shoe for protection or a light shoe for mobility?
  • Should I go for natural or synthetic materials?
  • Is cushioning for comfort vital, or does it slow me down?

Many assume expensive shoes will give the best external protection, but that is not always true. To purchase the ideal pair of shoes at the right price, you just need some technical knowledge to guide your decision.

Here we discuss a few factors you should consider when shopping for a parkour shoe:

The Sole

The sole is indeed the “soul” of a pair of quality parkour shoes. You want soles that are firm and give you the best grip. A flexible rubber sole usually offers a better grip and may prevent fall-related injuries.

Lightweight soles are also a good option. For running, choosing foam soles will be wise. Shoes that come with a single-piece sole are durable and help improve your performance.

Shoes without extra padding and with flat soles increase balance and control and are ideal for beginners.


Due to all the running, jumping, landing, and climbing in parkour, most parkour shoes don’t last long. Constant wear and tear reduces the lifespan of the shoes. Before purchasing, do some research on durability.

Checking out reviews on online stores is a good starting point. You can also look out for recommendations from parkour experts.


Shoe flexibility is crucial for parkour athletes. The parkour community recommends purchasing a flexible shoe that still protects the feet and ankles. While buying a pair of shoes for parkour, you should consider the various movements you go through during your training.


Grip is another vital attribute of your parkour shoes because you will be running, jumping, and landing on so many different surfaces. Rubber soles are the best and offer an excellent durable grip.


While purchasing a pair of parkour shoes, you might want to check the amount of support it provides your feet. A high-quality product should protect your foot arch during quick changes of direction or when you land. Wearing a shoe that fits like a glove is suitable for parkour activities.

Weight Distribution

Shoes with thick insoles are best avoided for parkour. Narrow and top-heavy shoes are not recommended as they make you less stable, and you might end up with a nasty fall.

Finding a perfectly balanced pair of shoes that improve your natural movement is essential. Solid and sturdy shoes are ideal for your parkour moves.

Our Top Five Picks for Adidas Parkour Shoes

Adidas is a pioneer in the world of sports shoes. The brand focuses on innovation, technology, and customer satisfaction. As a foremost athletic brand, Adidas offers some of the best lightweight shoes that meet a parkour athlete’s requirements.

Here is a list of our top choices:

1. Adidas Performance Men’s Soccer Mundial Goal Shoes

The Adidas Performance Men’s Soccer Mundial Goal Shoes are designed for fast-paced physical activities, which makes them an ideal option for parkour athletes.

Fit is one of the most crucial factors you should consider while buying any sports shoe. The Adidas Mundial Goal shoes score well in this regard. They fit snugly and can accommodate both narrow and wide feet.

The Mundial Goal shoes also score a win for appearance. The shoes have an upper made from a combination of black leather and suede and a sole made from brown rubber. The leather also adds a subdued luster that increases the visual attraction of the shoes. The iconic white Adidas stripes on both sides round out the design, breaking the monotony of the black upper.

Additionally, the leather part of the black upper is composed of soft kangaroo leather, making the shoes super comfortable, lightweight, and flexible. If you want comfortable shoes for both casual wear and high-performance activities, Mundial Goal shoes could be the right pick for you.

The upper, midsole, and sole of Mundial Goal shoes are well-constructed with high-quality materials. The midsole has EVA foam, which offers excellent cushioning and shock absorption capability.

Details and Specifications:

  • Non-marking, flexible gum rubber outsole offers superior grip
  • Big tongue protects your feet
  • Split-suede leather upper ensures optimal dribbling for soccer
  • Shaft measures approximately 6-12 inches from arch
  • Platform measures approximately 0-3 inches
  • Boot opening measures approximately 0-3 inches around

Pro Tip: Leather tends to stretch, so purchase one size down for a snug fit. 


  • Ideal for indoor sports and fitness training
  • Accommodates wide feet and high arches
  • Offers good support and protection
  • Elegant design and classic look
  • Can double as casual wear or street shoes
  • Sturdy and durable


  • Slightly more expensive than other lightweight shoes
  • A tad heavy

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2. Adidas Men’s Kaptur Sneaker

If you love sneakers that fit comfortably, look good, and work great for both daily wear and running, Adidas Men’s Kaptur Sneaker could be the perfect choice for you.

These shoes are available at an affordable price. With a stylish design with classic laces, Adidas Men’s Kaptur Sneaker will make you a happy buyer.

These amazing running shoes offer a comfortable fit. They are true to size and are available in different sizes – from 6.5 to 14. Moreover, they are sturdy and functional.

Considering the build, Kapturs are designed with a rubber outsole that makes them excellent at shock absorption while remaining highly flexible.

The upper is knitted, which makes the shoes very breathable.

One of the best things about the Kaptur sneakers is the light weight. Of all light shoes available from Adidas, the Kaptur sneaker particularly stands out in this regard.

The midsole of the Kaptur sneakers is made of Cloudfoam, a newly developed EVA (synthetic rubber-like material) compound. Adidas Cloudfoam offers premium cushioning, which makes Kapturs comfortable for daily use.

Walking on Cloudfoam makes you feel like you are walking on air.

Details and Specifications:

  • Premium knit textile and synthetic upper
  • Rubber outsoles
  • Cloudfoam cushioned insole
  • Lace closures
  • Sock-like construction
  • Low-top shaft height


  • Versatile sneakers perfect for walking, running, and gym activities
  • Breathable running shoe with good external protection
  • Comfortable fit
  • Stylish and sporty look available in a wide variety of color combinations
  • Easy to take on and off without messing around with the laces
  • Complement jeans, athleisure, and suits
  • Reasonable price


  • Not water-resistant
  • May not be a good fit for intense activities

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3. Adidas Outdoor Men’s Terrex Summer.rdy Boat Water Shoe 

When you take on any activity during a hot summer day, you need super cool lightweight shoes for maximum comfort. In addition to the comfort, Terrex Summer.rdy shoes score well on many key performance points.

Summer.rdy, true to the name, is perfect for hot summer days. The shoe features Adidas’s Climacool technology, which helps control ventilation and moisture. Using specially engineered materials that effectively wick away moisture, Climacool allows breathability while offering 360-degree cooling for the entire foot.

If your summer activity involves water, a pair of Terrex Summer.rdy Boat Water Shoes can be your ideal partner. Designed as a water shoe, you can wear them while playing water volleyball or any aqua sports. They can grip a surface well but don’t leave a mark.

The Terrex Summer.rdy is made with Traxion outsoles, another unique feature developed by Adidas that offers maximum traction on soft surfaces. The technology works great for all outdoor sports and reduces painful pressure points on the foot.

Another great benefit of these shoes is that they dry quickly when dunked in water. They are designed with a unique drainage system in the midsole and outsole.

Details and Specifications:

  • Open mesh upper with ventilated Climacool technology
  • Lace closures
  • Perforated midsole and outsole
  • Low-top from the arch
  • Traxion outsoles for superior grip
  • Available in navy and black


  • Perfect summer shoes with grippy soles
  • Ideal for water activities and aqua sports as well as parkour
  • Non-marking soles
  • Also suitable for hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities
  • Stylish, sporty, and fashionable look
  • Perfectly fits wide feet and low arches
  • Light weight and comfortable fit makes them suitable for parkour training
  • Reasonably priced summer sneakers


  • May slip on slick, slimy, or extremely wet surfaces

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4. Adidas Men’s Aerobounce m Running Shoe

Adidas’s Aerobounce men’s running shoes are targeted at men who love running effortlessly and jumping off terraces and balconies. They provide the runner with bounce and cushioning for energized comfort. In fact, comfort is the keyword with this shoe.

For starters, the Aerobounce design includes two cushion soles. The bounce midsole feature facilitates efficient energy return, which is a significant benefit for parkour fanatics. The blown rubber outsole adds to the support and comfort and provides an excellent grip on tracks.

The snug upper of the Aerobounce is also a great feature, providing superior support and comfort you will love. When you run, the upper mesh conforms to your feet and its breathable material keeps your feet cool.

The midfoot includes an Aramis Haptic Print over an engineered, breathable mesh.

Details and Specifications:

  • Made of 100% synthetic materials
  • Synthetic sole makes the shoe lightweight and shock absorbent
  • Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch
  • Aerobounce m are neutral shoes perfect for neutral runners
  • BOUNCE cushioning for additional comfort and flexibility
  • Sock-like fit enhances support


  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Bounce midsoles give extra comfort and energy return
  • Great for summer due to good ventilation
  • Affordable
  • Good for everyday use
  • Visually appealing


  • Shoes score low on durability
  • Light colors may get dirty soon

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5. Adidas Men’s HVC Wrestling Shoe

When it comes to purchasing wrestling shoes for parkour, you need to be extra careful about features. High-quality, lightweight wrestling shoes with a firm grip are the best buys. Fit and ankle support are also vital when considering wrestling shoes for parkour. The Adidas HVC Wrestling Shoe is trustable in this regard.

Adidas HVC Wrestling shoes are lightweight, supportive, and keep you grounded. Ranked #1 on Amazon in the “Men’s Wrestling Shoes” category, the Adidas HVC has a loyal following.

Adidas HVC Wrestling shoes are also suitable for wearing in the gym. If you are into squatting and deadlifting, these can be your go-to footwear.

Given how suitable these shoes are for various sporting activities, it’s safe to assume they will be a great choice for parkour. If they can be used for deadlifting, surely they can give you a comfortable and safe landing after a trick or jump.

Details and Specifications:

  • Thinner outsoles
  • Rubber material
  • Lace-up closure type


  • Versatile and can be used for different activities such as jumping rope, gym workout, parkour, and boxing
  • Offer firm grip and are safe for high-intensity workouts
  • Available in different sizes and colors
  • Affordable shoes


  • Getting the right size may be difficult.
  • Not water resistant

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Buying Suggestions for Adidas Parkour Shoes

Here are some of our recommendations:

Best for Beginner

If you are a beginner at parkour and are looking for a reasonably priced pair of sneakers, Adidas Men’s HVC Wrestling Shoes are a great choice. They are low cost but will give you everything you need to support your parkour moves.

Best for Water

If your activities involve water, the Terrex Summer.rdy Boat shoes should be your go-to choice.

Best Overall

If budget is not a concern and you need a feature-loaded pair of shoes, you should go with a pair of Mundial Goal.

Final Word

After reading this guide, you should have a solid understanding of which Adidas shoes are best suited for all the jumping, climbing, running, and landing you will be doing in your new sport of parkour. We hope you can now make a well-informed buying decision.

Check out for more reviews that will continue to make your buying decisions easier!

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