Top 10 Best Beginner Climbing Shoes [Experts Review]

For beginners finding the best climbing shoe can be extremely tedious. Getting the right fit will help you climb harder and longer. Neutral shoes provide a relaxed fit for all-day comfort they allow your toes to lie inside the shoes. 

Comfort is the crucial thing while looking for climbing shoes especially if you are a beginner, the shoe you select should provide the maximum support without giving any pain in your feet.

High-performance shoes can be comfortable only for the experts, so go for the one that provides the maximum support as a beginner. The upper level of climbing may take a long time, so you need to choose the one that has the full potential to wear them.

Beginner Climbing Shoe Overview

Every climbing shoe for beginners has the same features; they are considered to be the master of none and jack of all trades.

The shoes are developed to be decent soles and excellent design which makes climbing more easily. There are a lot of rising shoe brands who produce two different versions namely women and men climbing shoes. 

Top 10 Best Beginner Climbing Shoes


Evolv Elektra Climbing Shoe - Women's Teal, 8.0

The first place in our best picks of climbing shoe is captured by the number one leading developer of sports activities and related products Evolv, this product has come with useful functions and specifications to make the product a unique one among other competitors.

High grade Quality

The high-grade quality synthetic material used in the different parts of the shoe makes them come for an extended period; the asymmetrical profile makes the shoe best for the beginners to climb over the rock and also for other sports activities. The upper part of the climbing shoes is made of perforated synthrotek synthetic materials. 


The midsole is developed to be sensitive with 1mm for providing the maximum support while climbing, the VTR rand offers the solid front support, and the sole is about 4.2mm in size, available in different sizes and colors like teal, violet, etc. so that people can choose the desired one as they prefer.


The price of the product is high but worth the product, the manufacturer offers one year warranty, and therefore you can get the product without any hesitation. Measures about 5 pounds in weight and the shoe is best for women when compared to men as they involve every characteristic that women are climbing show need to cover up.


La Sportiva Men's Tarantulace Rock Climbing Shoes, Black/Poppy, 34.5

The second place in our best picks of beginner climbing shoe is for the leading sports products developer La Sportiva; this particular product have been developed with a lot of functionalities to showcase them top among their competitors.


The leather material in most of the area in the show is designed to be sturdy, and they have used high-quality materials for the shoe to come for an extended period, the lacing system is developed with fast lacing, and therefore you can regulate the inner volume as per your comfort.


The lace wrap the foot, and therefore you can feel the right fit, support, and comfort to your feet, the advanced edging functions make the product a unique one. The rubber heel rand, RN45 Asymmetric band, RS rubber soles, etc. help to provide the sensitivity without any cramp or pain in your feet.


The shoe is suitable for both indoor and outdoor purpose, and it is designed with good quality materials, the price of the product is high but worth the money you invest on the product, the manufacturer offers one year warranty, and therefore you can get them without any confusion or hesitation. Measures about 2.7 pounds in weight and comes with the dimension of 6 X 7 X 13 Inches.


Mad Rock Men's Flash 2.0 Climbing Shoe,Orange/Black,3 D US

One of the high-end, versatile manufacturers who produce good quality indoor and outdoor products, Mad Rock has captured third place in our best picks of beginners climbing shoe. The manufacturer has designed the shoe especially for the men and includes much unique functionality when compared to other competitors.


The high-grade quality materials synthetic and leather used in most of the areas ensure the product to come for an extended period, they are imported from the USA, and the sync flex assures you for the excellent grip and support to your feet.

Rubber sole

The rubber sole helps you to climb or play without any disturbance in your feet, and they are awarded for their all-around performance, the product comes with two strap closure and 3D molded hooking heel for extra support and reliability.


The midsole is about 1.8mm thick and are made of polycarbonate; the footbed is of leather and the upper with tech flex. The price of the product is reasonable, offers a limited lifetime warranty so that you can get the beginner climbing shoes without any confusion. Measures about 2 pounds in weight and come with the dimension of 12 X 8 X 4 inches.


Five Ten Men's Anasazi Moccasym Climbing Shoe,Moccasym Red,3 M US

The fourth place in our best picks of beginner climbing shoe is the number one developer of boots and other related products Five Ten; this product involves multiple functionalities to stand out ideal from other competitors.


The high-grade quality material split grain leather ensures the durability of the product, developed with moccasym red and available in different size so that you can choose the preferred one as per your wish; the rubber sole helps to stay fit and also protect your feet from odors and other issues. 


The product is made in the USA and then imported, the slingshot heel along with heel seam and pull tabs makes the product differ from other climbing shoes. The shoes are developed specially for men, and the C4 rubber is about 4.2mm thick. The manufacturer offers a lifetime limited warranty so that you can get the product without any hesitation.

The price of the product is affordable and falls within your budget, measures about 1.71 pounds in weight and comes with the dimension of 13 X 6 X 4 inches.


Scarpa Women's Helix Climbing Shoe,Pewter/Plum,37.5 EU/6.5 M US

Last but not the least place in our best picks of beginner climbing shoes is captured by the leading and reliable sports indoor and outdoor products manufacturer SCARPA, who delivers successful products as per the taste of the customers.

Made of leather material

Available in two main primary colors namely plum and pewter and comes in different sizes so that you can choose your desired size from the list. The leather and synthetic material are used in various parts of the shoes to ensure the durability of the product.


The product is imported from the USA and comes with necessary features that a women climbing should cover, the foot protection and classic performance are achieved with the help of the rubber rand. The comfort is attained at any part of using the shoes and can be adjusted as per your convenience.


The price of the product is less when compared to other beginner climbing shoes available on our list; the manufacturer offers the warranty so that you can get the product without any confusion or hesitation. Measures about 2 pounds in weight and comes with the dimension of 12 X 8 X 4 inches.


SCARPA Instinct VS Rock Climbing Shoes for Sport Climbing and Bouldering - Black/Orange - 11

If you need a perfect all-around climbing shoe that can really protect your toe and performs like a star in every terrain. Then Instinct VS is the right choice for you. It is completely made of synthetic material that allows the shoe to keep its shape. This pair of climbing shoe will definitely help you to gain the grip you need even on smaller surfaces.

Textile Upper

It is much easier to clean than a fabric the upper allows breathability and gives a best lightweight shoe for your feet. You can get a good flexibility as well as stability at the same time. A full heel cup is little sensitive but allows for more weight to be taken to enhance the fitness.


The midsole is carefully designed which offers you the right amount of flexibility and keep your foot secure. The XS Edge provides incredible grip which hugs your foot tight. This helps the shoe to be fit for a long time.

Cost and Value

The Vibram XS edge technology makes this shoe a high-quality performance climbing shoe. The flat profile makes them good for slotting into cracks so these shoes are great for beginner climbers.


La Sportiva Men's Katana Lace Climbing Shoe 40.5 M EU (8 M US)

The Katana climbing shoe is one of the La Sportiva’s best designs and is suitable as well as adjustable for any type of climbing performance. It is specifically designed to provide users with maximum stability and balance. This shoe is easy to wear on and off, easy to lace.


It is embedded with a cool design and considered as one of the most outstanding climbing shoes. It is designed aggressively which is very well-suited for bouldering as well as trad climbing. The fast lacing system can be pulled so you can choose whichever direction you want to put the tension on the shoe.

P3 Permanent Power Platform

The P3 power platform gives a solid grip as well as support for climbers. The slimmest edges and the steepest inclines put you in exact control of your balance, weight distribution, and mobility. A molded 3D heel cup serves as a vacuum also sucks your heel which helps in heel and toe hooking.


The Katana shoe features a tubular construction along with a lining placed between the leather upper build and rubber band. The Vibram XS Edge compound will perform its best on the climbing and offers a strong grip.


Butora Men's Endeavor Tight Fit Rock Climbing Shoe, Sierra Gold, 9

This is the most versatile shoe which has an elastic closure system and offers the greatest sensitivity as well as the lowest profile for any shoe. Shoe uppers are either leather or synthetic when a leather upper is lined, the stretch is reduced to half the size or less.

Folding heel

A folding heel allows you to turn the shoe into slippers. It is possible to relieve your feet with great traction, rubber outsole, memory foam insole and a canvas upper. Also, the canvas upper gives enough breathability and comfortability the material is lightweight which promotes the foot fatigue.

Advanced Features

These shoes are equipped with a fast lacing system that makes you a bit comfortable. It can be used when climbing, bouldering, gym climbing, overhanging sports routes, or technical rock faces.

It keeps the duality, comfort, and adaptability of any unlined climbing shoe also makes it completely breathable for the climber.

Cost and value

It includes large amount of multi-functional features and an added unlined advanced feature system. It looks better and seems to be budget-friendly. They are also easily adjustable and adaptable so it is one of the perfect pair of shoes for those who are just starting out.


La Sportiva Solution Climbing Shoe White/Yellow - 43.5

They are made of synthetic material and also have a 3D heel cup included within the shoe. It comes with an interesting design also has a fast lacing system that ensures much more efficiency for wearing the shoes when climbing. There is a special patented system of locking and allows for a better fit.

Aggressive downturned toe

These shoes have very downturned toes and lots of heel tension to put your feet in a strong and powerful position for challenging overhanging climbs. Because of a snug fit and down-turned shape, climbers wear very aggressive type shoes for short climbs.


It is designed with a compressed polyester midsole so that you may get a flexible but stable feel for the climb. With a near to barefoot feel, it is possible to get an overall comfort and control during footwork. The hook and loop closure system can give a better fit to your foot.


The shoe’s design helps to promote the breathable environment which also protects from the pains of rough surfaces such as rock, tough terrains, muddy areas etc. these shoes also provide better foot health in the form of breathability.


It has a synthetic upper and has nylon in the inner to promote the overall foot health. It also has an added asymmetrical feature and helps you with a better fit. If you want climbing to be easier and comfortable and that is very affordable.


It is equipped with the right outsole for climbing that can endure friction, edging and prolonged climbing. Breathability, durability, and comfort are the three main aspects of this shoe. The upper build is highly resistant to scratches and abrasion and tough enough to endure the obstacles while hiking.

Easy lacing

It is quick and easy to lace allowing the climbers to set their lacing by just pulling on a string. The closure is extremely easy to adjust and use so you can make your shoe fit with the help of customizable settings.

Cost and value

These climbing shoes are worth and the price comes with a low to mid range. it is specially built for the action and ready for a climb and they are a great addition to any climber’s footwear arsenal.

Bottom Line

Hope above the guide and best picks of beginner climbing shoes helped you to pick the right shoe you need as per your preference.

Any ideas, suggestions, and thoughts on the beginner climbing shoes are welcome.

Have you used any of the above climbing shoes as a beginner? Do share your comment in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know if climbing shoes fit?

Make sure your toes are flat or comfortably curved also the heel should have a snug fit.

The first step in picking the climbing shoe is to check whether it is best for you and narrow down which type of climbing you do the most. Avoid shoes that have little space between the toes and inside of the shoe. 

Will my climbing shoes stretch?

Not much of a rock shoe can actually be stretched the toe cap and the heel will temporarily stretch. You can only stretch only the uppers if it is made of leather. But most of the synthetic uppers are not made to stretch.

Are Climbing shoes supposed to be tight?

When the climbers need to climb difficult routes by wearing the special climbing shoes it is not only because of special soles but also due to the fact that shoes became tighter.

The shoes should never make your feet hurt and it must be able to stretch after a few hours of climbing.

Are climbing shoes too small?

Leather shoes are particularly good which also conform to the shape of your foot.

Pay attention to both fit and size when choosing the pair of climbing shoes. Lace-up climbing shoes is ideal for trad or airplane climbers.

Which are the moderate climbing shoes?

The Evolv Geshido SC is a gem of the shoe with ultimate design.

It offers a perfect blend of performance, tweakable fit, softness, comfort and precision especially with strong feet accustomed to slippers.

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