Best Boot Laces

A good pair of laces are one of the most essential parts of your boots.

Whether you need them for hiking boots, everyday boots, or work boots, you are going to need a sturdy pair of laces to make things easier. No matter the purpose, we have done the research, so you won’t have to. 

The standard laces that came with your boots might not be cutting it for you, and you might find yourself needing to replace them with ones of better quality.

Your shoes are only as good as your shoelaces. They need to be long-lasting and complete their purpose of securing your boots to your feet comfortably.

There are a number of factors that contribute to making the best boot laces, such as length, width, and durability, and we have considered them all when choosing our top five contenders for this list. The perfect pair of boot laces are just waiting to be discovered.

In a Hurry?

Are you planning a day out soon and need information right now? No need to worry. We will leave our number one choice here for your convenience.

The Ironlace Unbreakable Heavy Duty Boot Laces are the best boot laces that we could find. These laces are pretty much guaranteed to last forever with their virtually unbreakable 100% advanced Para-Aramid fibers that are 20 times more durable than Kevlar boot laces. 

If that isn’t enough to grab your attention, they are stronger than steel with a 1500lb breaking point, so you won’t have to worry about them breaking. They are also resistant to chemicals and corrosion, so they would be great for specific working environments and other scenarios. 

  • Virtually unbreakable and guaranteed to last a long time
  • Stretch free non-slip shoelaces
  • Stronger than steel with a 1500lb breaking point
  • Corrosion and chemical resistant

Best Boot Laces


Unbreakable Extra Heavy Duty Round Boot Laces Shoelaces 63'


These boots are certainly made to last with their 1500lb breaking point that assures you that they aren’t going to break when tightening your laces.

They are made with virtually unbreakable fibers that are more durable than Kevlar laces and are designed to last for much longer. It is highly unlikely that these laces will snap or break, so that isn’t going to be a problem.

They are also stretch-free and non-slip, so they will be easy to tie up tightly, and they are more likely to stay tied throughout the day.

Nothing is worse than having to tie your shoelaces throughout the day continuously, and these laces eliminate that problem. They have a 3mm diameter and can fit in any type of boot.

As well as their super-strength, they are also abrasion, chemical, wear, UV, and corrosion resistant, so they are great for use in almost any environment. They also have heat and fire-resistant qualities, which can be helpful for those that work with heat. 


  • Made to last with a 1500lb breaking point

  • Up to 20 times stronger than Kevlar laces

  • Highly unlikely to break or snap with wear

  • Stretch free and non-slip, which makes tying laces easier

  • Abrasion, chemical, wear, UV, and corrosion resistant

  • Heat and fireproof up to 630 degrees Fahrenheit


  • You have to pull them really tight to make sure they stay tied


2 pair pack round Black w/Black proTOUGH Heavy Duty 6mm thick 3/16 Kevlar Reinforced boot laces shoelaces


With these laces, there are lots of different sizes available, so you can choose a length that suits your needs.

They are made to be extra thick so that you can tie them tight without pinching the instep. This increases the bite of your laces and allows them to stay tied throughout use. 

The weave design of these laces and their Kevlar stitching keeps the laces tied, and they are suitable for all types of boots.

They are available in eight different colors and will not fade when washed. These laces are designed to last for a long time without getting worn down.

However, these boot laces do have larger aglets that might not fit in all boot eyelets, so you will need to check that they are suitable.


  • Lots of lengths available to suit your requirements

  • Extra thick laces so they can be tied tightly

  • Weave design with Kevlar stitching for extra strength

  • Eight color options that won’t fade when washed


  • Larger aglets may not fit in all eyelets, so you will need to check the sizes


54 Inch Heavy Duty proTOUGH(TM) Kevlar Reinforced Boot Laces Shoelaces RED w/Black - 2 Pair Pack


While these laces are only available in one color, which may be quite limiting, they are made using Kevlar for extra strength and durability. These laces are designed to last and be able to be thoroughly worn.

They are available in a variety of different lengths, so you have the ability to choose a length that is suitable for the boots that you have without worrying that they won’t be long enough. You also get two pairs of laces for the same price as one, which is a more cost-effective option. 

Their quality makes them perfect for a variety of uses and environments, and they won’t need to be replaced often.

The color of the laces is also made to stay vibrant and won’t fade when washed, though they need to be removed from the boots when you do wash them.


  • Made with Kevlar for extra durability and strength

  • Available in a variety of different lengths to choose from

  • Two pairs included in the price

  • High-quality and useful for a variety of purposes


  • Only available in a red color


TOFL Leather Boot Laces|1/8 Inch Thick 72 Inches Long|2 Leather Strips [1 Pair]|Medium Brown


The fourth spot on our list goes to the TOFL leather boot laces that are available in 16 different colors so you can match them to the color of your boots.

They are made from 100% leather, and they have no-hassle sizing, which means you can cut them to size if necessary instead of guessing the correct length. 

These laces will not melt from sparks, making them perfect for those that work with heat, like welders.

They are also very durable and are reliable for a variety of tasks. There are no eyelets on these laces, so they are perfect for fitting any type of boots.

In this type of leather, there can occasionally be weak spots that are impossible to notice without tying the laces. This means that they do have the potential to break. However, the company will replace the laces for free.


  • Wide choice of colors available to choose from

  • Made from 100% leather

  • No hassle sizing, one size fits all

  • Very durable and reliable for different tasks


  • Occasionally they have weak spots and can break


OrthoStep Thick Round Athletic 60 inch Brown Shoe laces - Thick Shoe and Hiking Boot Laces 2 Pair Pack


Our final pick, the OrthoStep boot laces, are available in various shades of back, brown, and grey, and you get two pairs included in the price.

They are thick and round laces that are sturdy and high-quality. Each pair of laces is carefully woven, cut, and tipped in order to ensure the highest quality. 

They are firm laces with an extra-durable sleeve and strong braided construction. These are laces that are made to last a long time.

There is also a variety of lengths to choose from, so you won’t run out of material halfway through doing your laces up.

Instead, you can use their size guide to find out what length you should choose. 


  • Available in various shades of black, brown, and grey

  • High-quality and sturdy for being able to last for a long time

  • Firm and extra-durable

  • Variety of lengths to choose from 

  • Handy size guide to help you choose the right length


  • Thick laces may not be suitable for all boot eyelets

Best Boot Laces Buying Guide

Boots are often worn for a variety of purposes, whether it’s for everyday use or to provide comfort during the working day. In order to have good and comfortable boots, you need a good pair of laces to go with them.

Not all shoes will come with the best laces for you, and you may need to swap them out for ones of better quality.

Something you should consider when choosing the best boot laces is how sturdy they are for everyday use.

The inner core and outer weave of the laces need to be strong enough to last for a long time. A popular material for lace weaving is Kevlar, which is known for being durable and lasting through heavy-duty use.

Once a lace is broken, it cannot be repaired to its previous condition, so choosing high-quality laces from the beginning is really important. 

You should also consider materials in terms of durability when exposed to high temperatures and chemicals. If you wear boots in a kitchen or while welding, you will need heatproof laces that can withstand high temperatures when exposed to hot oil or sparks.

Some materials for laces can withstand high temperatures and exposure to different chemicals, but not all can. Be sure to check what environments the laces you choose are suitable for.

Your laces also need to be able to stay tied throughout the day, as it can be annoying to have to re-tie them multiple times a day.

You can purchase thick or thin laces for your boots, and both have positives and negatives. Thick laces are great for durability and strength, but they may not fit into all boot eyelets, so you will need to check the diameter of these.

Thin boot laces will fit all types of boots, but they might not be as durable as the thicker ones, though this will depend on the materials used.

In terms of tying your laces, there are different knot-tying methods that will be more effective than others. Some knots will come undone easily, regardless of the material of the laces. If your laces come undone often, it may be worth researching different methods of knot tying. 

Your boot laces will also need to be long enough to tie up comfortably. You can buy laces that are stretchy, so you can still tie them even if they come up short.

However, you should try to get laces that are the correct length instead of forcing them to tie up. This will provide a more comfortable fit, and they won’t have to be put under the stress of stretching.

The opposite issue is that if your laces are too long, they could become a tripping hazard. If you are unsure of what length to buy, you can use a size guide or get ‘trim to fit’ laces that you can cut to size.

The color of your laces should last a long time, so you won’t have to replace them as often.

The color of some laces can even bleed into your boots when they get wet and ruin them completely, so the quality is essential. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are No Tie Shoelaces?

No tie shoelaces turn your laced shoes into convenient slip-on shoes. They are typically made of stretchy silicone, or similar materials, that when laced onto your boots, will stretch as you pull them on.

Then, they tighten up again to fit your feet. They are ideal for busy people who don’t have time to tie up their shoelaces constantly.

However, the materials that they are made from may not be suitable for all environments.

How Often Should I Replace My Laces?

There is no set rule on how often you should change your laces.

However, some good indicators are when they start to fray, show signs of damage, or have broken. A good quality pair of laces should last you for a long time.

Often, if your laces have started to fray and wear, they will be likely to break soon.

What is an Aglet?

An aglet is a metal or plastic covering that is fitted around the end of your shoelace. The aglet prevents the fibers of the laces from fraying or unraveling.

The aglet also makes it easier to feed the laces through the eyelets of your shoes and makes it simpler for you to tie your laces.

While most laces have aglets on the ends of them, not all do. There are shoelaces called ‘no tie’ shoelaces that you can cut to size, which won’t have aglets on them.

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