Best Flip Flops with Arch

Flip-flops are designed with comfort and convenience which provides extra support for your heel and arch. It is easy to wear and allows proper support for flat feet with necessary padding and stability. Flip-flops give you enough support to wear them all day and it is perfect for wearing at home or for any other outdoor.

Once you have found a sandal with good arch and heel cup support, make sure that straps are adjustable. Choose the footwear with a good grip on the bottom and it must also have a high arch for offering extra support under your foot. The sole must be made with a soft cushion material that squashes down while you put your foot in and reveal a good arch support.

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Top 10 Best Flip Flops 


OOFOS OOriginal Sandal, Black - Men’s 9, Women’s 11

The unisex sandals are made from lightweight synthetic foam; it also comes in a variety of colors to meet all the fashion needs. The underside of Oofos has a wavy grid pattern which provides adequate traction for your foot.

The Oofos thong sandals are designed to be recovery footwear which also offers cushioning, support and impact absorption. The footbed is very simple because there are no gel patches, no expected bumps but just a light grid pattern from heel to toe.

The inner sole has amazing grip traction to give enough support to your feet. It is designed with high-quality material to offer a good level of comfort and stability. The cushy footbed and padding on the heels make it comfortable to wear.

The bottom part of these flip-flops is compression molded to ensure high durability, as well as the shape and curvatures, are designed to offer high comfort. The pure leather is used in the upper part of this flip-flop to give a soft and smooth touch.


FitFlop Women's Lulu Thong Sandal,Black,5 M US

The Fit Flop Women’s Lulu Thong sandal is constructed to provide you with as much comfort as possible. It is designed with a rubber sole which makes it comfortable to wear for a long time.

This sandal has better arch support and is suitable for a range of arches, it also provides shock absorption. The midsole has three layers of thickness and is fused to create a seamless platform.

It is the perfect mix of style and fashion, this flip-flop also suits for balanced walking. This is the comfy pair of sandals which you can wear for the whole day without any issues. The microfiber-lined footbed is very smooth and comfortable to give the perfect amount of support and comfort to the flat feet.

These sandals can last for a long time because of its durability and also takes your feet to recover from an injury. An elevated heel with arch gives plenty of cushioning when you walk using this flip-flop.


Telic Energy Flip Flop - Comfort Sandals for Men and Women | S (Women's 8) Midnight Black

The Telic men’s Flip-Flop is made from Novalon material which gives an extraordinary arch support for your feet. This design offers an even weight distribution under the foot and reacts according to the body temperature. It can give comfort because it fits perfectly to your personal shape.

Telic is very unique and gives a gentle smooth feeling of floating above the ground. It is also the ultimate unisex sandal for superior foot recovery, cushioning and relaxation.

The superior padding enhances the foot recovery after all physical activity and contoured to support the arches of your feet. The footbed provides a good comfort and reduces the pain with existing foot health conditions. The sole keeps you secure and guide your feet forward for an enhanced and effortless glide.

Telic recovery sandals are more than just comfortable shoes; it is contoured to support the arches of your feet. It is durable, elastic and pillow-soft features with great medical arch and metatarsal support.


Olukai Men's Ohana Sandals Dark Java/Ray Size 10

It is a super flat lightweight flip-flop which is made up of synthetic material. The ultimate benefit of this sandal is to offer you maximum support and comfort to your feet. The outsole is constructed with rubber which provides good arch support to walk, stroll or run.

It is designed with high-quality materials so it can last for a long time. Additional traction and support are provided by the rug pattern or design on the outer sole of the slipper.

But is a little heavier than other sandals, you can use it for everyday casual wear. This flip-flop comes in multiple color combinations which provide a perfect fashion fit for men and women. People with flat feet can use this sandal which may create a supportive arch for them because it has a soft footbed.

These supportive flip-flops are made with a water-resistant strap and quick-dry lining so you can wear it wherever you go.


Orthaheel Men's Ryder Thong Sandals, Black/Grey, 10 D(M) US

The Vionic flip-flops are constructed with synthetic and neoprene leather to offer a good comfort and durability. It is crafted with excellent design and high arch support. The midsole is made up of high-quality materials that absorb stress from the feet and knees.

It comes with a deep heel cup to reduce the foot pain and motion control helps correct pronation to encourage a more natural gait. The EVA midsole gives a better density and absorbs the shock, it can tread grips of all-terrain for a smooth and secure glide.

The microfiber-lined footbed is super comfortable and gives adequate support and comfort to flat feet. This Orthaheel technology holds the heel perfectly to provide control and stability and to avoid foot problems as well as overall bodily and joint issues.

The solid arch support and deep heel cups help correct improper motion through functionality and stability. It is woven with polyurethane upper liner and a foam line strap that makes comfortable to wear.


crocs MODI Sport Flip Sandal, Navy/Light Grey, 15 US Men / 17 US Women

The Crocs Unisex Modi Flip is comfortable and supportive; it is one of the unique products which come with optimal qualities. It is made of synthetic and leather material for enhancing the smoothness of your foot.

This is also equipped with a leather strap and a two-tone platform so that you may release the sandal with ease. The main feature of this flip-flop is that they have an elevated heel with massage-pod footbed; it also has a cushy padding on the heels that make it more comfortable to wear.

The lightweight nature along with the capability of the midsole to absorb shock will reduce stress on feet, knees, and ankles to a great extent. It is the highly comfortable arch support flip-flop and it is durable enough to last for a long time.

It looks attractive and trendy and comes in the huge array of color options and provides ample arch support while grip tread makes walking a breeze.


Chaco Men's FLIP Ecotread Flop, Shiver Navy, 11 Medium US

It is easy to wear and makes you feel confident; the design properly aligns the feet and the body because of its stability. Synthetic leather ensures a solid construction of these sandal straps and a soft sole gives a comfortable stride.

It is crafted with slip-resistant pattern and a polyurethane footbed makes it perfect outdoor footwear. The rubber soles are utilized to offer water-resistant straps.

The Chaco men’s flip-flop sandal gives enough arch support to your feet, so you can stand or walk for a long time without stress or pain. It is good to use for the extensive activity or walking with the help of a solid outsole grip.

The uniquely designed cushioning system helps to absorb the shock and also lends support to prevent overstressing of the heels. The soft synthetic strap offers good comfort and motion control to keep you in a great comfort zone throughout the day.


SOLE Men's Sport Flips, Coffee, 7 D US

It is the popular trendy flip-flop; the sole footwear is specifically designed to keep one’s feet in order to provide necessary arch support. The anti-slip grip ensures continued safety for all of your warm-weather excursion, it also allows for extra movement and quicker recovery after long time walking.

The wide straps and the contoured footbed are the great features for this flip-flop; they have an ultra-soft polyester liner. The appearance of this product is eye-catchy and thus provides a classic look; durability is another benefit for this sandal.

It is an excellent pair of sandals because of its exceptional level of comfort and terrific arch support. A slight heel drop provides a degree of heel support while wearing these flip-flops.

The upper part is a combination of fabric and synthetic leather which will make you comfortable around the top of your foot and between your toes. The fabric is highly tear-resistant and the soles are not sensitive to water.


Spenco Men's Yumi Leather Sandal, Dark Brown, 10M Medium US

The Spenco product is made out of synthetic material along with a rubber sole so that you can feel comfortable while you wear it for any activity.

It provides a good amount of comfort and support needed for your foot; it is the high-quality modern orthotic flip-flop. It is completely wrapped with full grained leather which also offers orthotic-quality heel and arch support.

The fabric textile used for the upper part of this sandal will retain its color and shape longer than some of the other brands. The springiness of the material used for the soles provides some extra support from contact with hard surfaces.

The most durable part of these flip-flops is the strap which is made up of synthetic leather. It is best suited for soft terrains such as sand or sidewalk. A unique grip sole ensures each step as safe and secure, built-in motion control and shock absorption reduces pronation issues.


Orthaheel Women's Tide Thong Sandals (10,Black)

These flip-flops provide an adequate level of comfort and stability. It is best to deal with heel pain, foot problems so it reduces blisters, pain and joint stress in legs. Synthetic leather and woven fabric used for the thong portion and proves to be durable for a long time.

They are highly water-resistant making them perfect as an all-day shoe, only little materials are used to craft this flip-flop so it is extremely affordable. It offers extraordinary arch support to make your feet comfortable throughout the day.

Mesh lining wicks moisture away from your feet and helps the shoe to dry naturally and quickly as possible. The synthetic footbed has built-in arch support and the outdoor sole absorbs shock and it is grip patterned for secure traction.

Uppers come in multiple colors to match the current fashion choices. The sole is filled with a cushion to give a soft and smooth touch to your feet.

Wrapping Up!

Choose a high-quality product that makes your feet comfortable! It is important to ensure the material used in the flip-flops, the right sandal will offer a good amount of cushioning to your foot.

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