Best Insoles for Shoes that are Too Big

For some, finding a pair of perfectly fitting shoes can be challenging.

An insole is a material shoe insert that intends to alter the size of your shoe to make them more comfortable to wear.

Not only do they make shoes more comfortable to wear by filling the empty space inside bigger shoes, but they can also improve the health of your feet.

While providing effective shock absorption insoles can also help to reduce foot fatigue and can help to alleviate uncomfortable foot pains.

If you have never bought or used insoles before, you may be a little unsure as to what you should be looking out for and that's where we come in.

We have selected our top five picks of the best insoles that are specifically intended for shoes that are too big.

Below, we have also included a handy buyer's guide with our tips for purchasing the best product.

If you are in a hurry, we have selected our top pick for you below.


Heel Cushion Pads (8pcs) | Self-Adhesive Shoe Insoles - Soft Gel Shoe Inserts - Blister and Callus Prevention and Protection


Made using soft materials with a self-adhesive backing, these inserts by DALIVA offer protection and support to the areas of your feet that experience the most pain while also ensuring that your footwear fits correctly.

The design of the padding reduces the friction between your shoes and feet helping to prevent blisters and calluses etc from developing. These inserts come in an 8 pack but can also be washed in between wears for future use. 

Courtesy of the soft silicone padding, you can walk with comfort and the self-adhesive backing means that you can secure the inserts to the necessary areas of your shoes correctly. The versatile design makes these insoles suitable for a variety of shoe types and sizes. 


  • The beige design means that these insoles are going to blend into your foot attire with ease.
  • Affordably priced, these insoles come in a pack of 8 so you have plenty available.
  • The gel provides comfortable cushioning for effective pain relief.
  • These insoles can be reused in other shoes in the future.
  • The adhesive backing allows for easy application.


  • While they are great for heels, they may not be as compatible with other shoe types.


Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel Advanced Insoles All-Day Comfort that Allows You to Stay on Your Feet Longer (for Women's 6-10, also Available for Men's 8-14)


Dr. Scholl is a brand renowned for producing super comfy insoles that can help to relieve foot pain and these Massaging Gel Advanced Insoles do just that.

Specifically designed for those who spend prolonged periods on foot and therefore suffer from foot fatigue, these insoles utilize gel technology to deliver long-lasting comfort. 

The responsive wave cushioning design acts as an effective shock absorber while ensuring that your foot arch and heel are also provided with support against the firmer ground below.

Essentially, the four key areas of your feet are going to benefit from increased comfort. 

A great thing about these insoles is that they can be trimmed if needed to suit your shoe size.

If you have an insole that is slightly too big for the shoe that it is intended to be used in, you can alter the size to achieve the best fit.


  • The design of these insoles provides support to the areas where it is needed the most.
  • They are easy to cut if required for a customizable fit.
  • As versatile insoles, they can be worn with different styles of shoes.
  • They are a comfortable option for those who spend prolonged periods on their feet.
  • These insoles are available in two options making them suitable for men's and women's shoes.


  • These insoles are prone to losing their grip and moving around the shoes which is likely to become uncomfortable. 


Powerstep unisex adult Powerstep Original Orthotics Insole, Blue/Black, Men s 9-9.5 Women 11-11.5 US


The PowerStep Orthotic Shoe Insoles offer full-length support and cushioning that makes them ideal for shoes that are too big. Made using Microbial Polyester, these liners remain hygienic even when subject to regular wear. 

Something we like about these insoles is that they are recommended by podiatrists for their effectiveness in relieving pains caused by metatarsal or arch pain etc. If you do find yourself experiencing these types of pains, these insoles could be an excellent choice for you.

These insoles are suitable for a range of shoes, whether this is casual or athletic foot attire providing increased stability and support to the areas of your feet where it is required. They are also available in a range of sizes and are suitable for men and women. 


  • These insoles have been made in the USA so you know the source of your purchase.
  • There are a variety of sizes available so you can select the best option for your needs.
  • The anti-microbial fabric keeps your feet healthy and free of sweat.
  • Impressively, these insoles have been recommended by podiatrists.
  • These insoles are effective in delivering long-lasting comfort.


  • These insoles retail at a relatively high price which may be off-putting to some individuals.


Leather Heel Grips Liner,Non Slip Inserts for Men Women Shoes Too Big,Shoe Filler Improved Shoe Fit and Comfort,Prevent Blisters (Khaki, Thciker)


Providing effective pain relief and long-lasting comfort these leather heel inserts by Makryn Store are great for shoes that aren’t sufficiently fitting.

Not only do they provide additional cushioning to make your shoes more secure fitting they also help to alleviate pain and the possible development of blisters. 

Made using leather material, once inserted into your shoe they are going to remain in place without causing your footwear to become damaged.

The design of these insoles provides you with long-lasting comfort and they are also available in different thickness options.

This provides greater versatility in allowing you to select the insoles that are going to be the most effective in altering the size of your shoes.

Impressively, these insoles are compatible with most styles of shoes from leather to casual footwear and are available in different color options too, so you can select the best style for your needs.


  • These insoles are available in two different thickness options, great for catering to different fitting shoes.
  • Applying these insoles to your shoes is easy courtesy of the adhesive backing.
  • The different color options allow you to select the insoles that are going to compliment your footwear.
  • Affordably priced they are great value for money.
  • The adhesive is strong and grips to the shoes particularly well.


  • Some may find them too bulky for particular types of shoes.


Reusable Heel Inserts for Women and Men [Extra Soft Heel Protectors] Add Comfort and Extra Volume for Loose Shoes, Self-Adhesive and Shock Absorbing Heel Pads


The Ballote Reusable inserts are intended for use in heeled shoes in particular.

If you have invested in a pair of shoes only to find that they don’t fit correctly, these inserts provide a great solution.

They are designed to provide extra cushioning to the contour of the heel, reducing the overall size of the heel making the fit tighter and more secure.

Not only do these insoles alter the fit of your shoes, but they also provide sufficient cushioning and support while helping to eliminate the presence of foot pains and the development of blisters and calluses. 

These insoles are available in two different quantities; a 4 pair pack and a 5 pair pack. Each option includes a variety of colored insoles; beige, black, and clear.

Having multiple options to hand allows you to select the best color for your footwear. The sticky adhesive backing also allows for easy application to the back of your heels. 


  • These insoles can be washed after wear making them suitable for reuse.
  • They reduce the size of your shoes by around ¼.
  • You are provided with multiple pairs in each pack so you have plenty available.
  • They make shoes comfortable enough to wear for prolonged periods.
  • The variety of colors allows you to choose according to the color of your footwear.


  • Unfortunately, the surface of these insoles is a little slippery which can make your shoes difficult to walk in.

Best Insoles for Shoes that are Too Big Buying Guide

Several factors are worth considering before investing in your shoe insoles. There isn't one singular type of insole available on the market and they come in many forms.

Finding the best insoles for you is important in ensuring that they are effective in serving their purpose. We have identified our top tips for selecting the best insoles for your feet below.

The Type of Insole

Shoe insoles come in many varieties, each being better suited to a particular issue.

While many people use insoles to make their big shoes feel tighter, others use insoles for medical purposes in a bid to reduce any pain felt by regular walking. 

Arch support insoles, orthotic insoles, heel support insoles, and corrective sole insoles are just a few of the different types available.

Selecting the right type of insoles for your needs is important in tackling specific issues that you are dealing with.

The Comfort

Of course, the comfort of your insoles is paramount.

You don't want to select a pain only to find that they worsen any existing pains or lead to the development of unwanted pains that you weren't experiencing previously to using the insoles.

Although the aim is to tighten the size of the shoe so that they are no longer too big to wear, comfort is also super important in ensuring that they are suitable for regular and prolonged wear. 

The Material

Insoles can come in many different material types. These materials include leather, foam, gel, etc.

You may develop a preference towards a particular type of material that you find comfortable and supportive against any potential medical foot issues that you may be experiencing.

Each material can be beneficial in their own way. 

We have included a variety of insoles in our guide above that are made from different types of materials so that you can select your preferred option for your needs. 

The Shoe Type

When selecting your shoe insoles, it is important to consider their compatibility with particular shoe types.

The specifications of the product will typically state the types of shoes that these insoles are suitable for use with. 

You don't want to select your liners only to find that they are incompatible with your particular style of shoe as this is going to make them ineffective in serving their purpose. 

The Size

You should select your insoles according to the size of the shoes that they are intended to be inserted in.

Many brands will offer their insoles in multiple options so that you can select the best sized insoles for your needs.

However, others will create insoles that are one size but suitable for many types of shoes. It is important to consider the accuracy of the fit because this is going to influence how comfortable the liners are to wear.

You will find that many styles of insoles can be customized to suit your foot size if they are slightly on the larger size. This may involve cutting the sides slightly so that the insole is better fitting to your shoe. 

Pain Relief

Many insoles that are intended to make your shoes smaller for a better fit also help to alleviate the pain that can be caused by medical conditions, or excessive and regular wear of your shoes.

This includes potential blisters or rubbing. If you do often find yourself experiencing pain when you wear a particular type of shoes or following prolonged wear, it is important to select a pair of insoles that claim to be effective in relieving this pain. 


Most insoles are suitable for regular wear. The regularity in which you continue to reuse a particular pair is going to be dependent on many factors.

For example, if they are used inside a pair of shoes that are worn daily, they are likely to absorb a lot more sweat and moisture which can cause them to deteriorate in quality sooner.

To avoid this becoming an issue, some insoles will be suitable for hand washing in between use. If you use insoles on an irregular basis they are likely to last for significantly longer as they aren't enduring constant wear.

The quality of the materials that are used to make the insoles are also going to determine how effective they are in providing long-lasting wear. 

The Cost

Insoles provide a cost-effective solution to make your shoes that are currently too big much better fitting.

You may be disappointed after investing in a pair of shoes to find that they don't fit, but the use of insoles mean that this doesn't need to be a wasted purchase.

Many retail at an affordable price. Of course, it is important to consider the quality and durability of your insoles but it isn't necessarily a purchase that is going to break the bank.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do shoe insoles last?

Insoles that are used regularly should be expected to last for around six months.

However, for those who spend a lot of time on their feet and frequently partake in physical activity, your insoles are likely to last for around 3 to 6 months. 

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