10 BEST Shoes for Kids [Reviewed & Rated]

Running shoes are specially designed to make running easy and comfortable. What does the running shoe depend on? It depends on the shape of the foot and offers great traction on different surfaces that support your feet.

While running you need an exemplary cushioning in both the heel and forefoot to handle the impact. So it’s indispensable to pick the shoes with great stability, durability, cushioning, functionality and other extra features. A good pair of running shoes is made of top-quality material and is affordable. After researching 50 products our team experts have chosen the best 10 Shoes for Kids, so you can pick the shoes easily and conveniently.

Top 10 Best Kids Shoes


NIKE Girls' Revolution 3 Running Shoe (TDV), Black/Metallic Silver/Hyper Pink/White, 6 M US Toddler

The Nike Revolution Running shoes are crafted of lightweight materials and it is breathable. It has a rubber sole with deep flex grooves that help to offer a natural motion. There is a Velcro strap across the top of the shoe which helps to hold it snugly in a place specifically around the ankle.


This is a well-cushioned shoe that comes with a lot of flexibility. It has leather overlays that provide extra grip and support for your child. The external part of the shoe features a breathable mesh fabric that helps to ventilate well. With this quality, your child will not be affected by overheating.


It is constructed with a lot of durable materials like leather and a leather overlay system. The outsole is designed for durability and the rubber sole increases the life of the shoe. This outstanding design makes the shoes last longer.


You can get this shoe at an affordable price available in the market today. It’s a great value choice for those who need a comfortable shoe for their child to play or run in. Most of the kids love this product because of its attractive design.


Saucony Boy's Baby Ride-K, Grey/Orange/Citron, 5.5 M US Toddler

Saucony is a great brand for kids, as it is constructed with high-quality materials such as leather and mesh uppers, rubber outsoles and flex outsoles which will keep your child comfortable. It’s a well-designed shoe which is made of leather and also has a rubber outsole.

Breathable mesh

This shoe is made out of leather and has a breathable mesh area for effective ventilation. The midsole is very comfortable and use an EVA midsole design. Its quality can help your child’s feet feel great day long. These shoes can absorb impact and shock to keep your kid comfortable for hours.

Offers ventilation

The Saucony Baby Ride Sneaker is designed out of a durable, high-quality material that combines leather and synthetic sole. These shoes have a durable outsole that offers good ventilation. They offer a lot of comfort and protection and they also look and feel great.

Prevent from slips

This is a neutral shoe modeled with nice cushioning and support also it allows your child’s foot to sit flatter on the ground. It also has a wider toe box which is great for kids with growing feet or sore tones.


adidas Baby Boys Hyperfast 2.0 cf i Sneaker, Shock Blue/White/Unity Orange, 7.5 Infant

It comes with an ultralight design so that the kids can run at fast speeds. It features lightweight cushioning as well as a soft liner which makes the shoe feel comfortable whenever you put on. It is possible to prevent the child’s foot from overheating because it gets plenty of ventilation and breathability.

Sturdy design

This shoe is made of synthetic textile and has a durable outsole which can withstand any kind of surfaces. It has a nice, comfortable design in the interior area of the shoes; you can also get a nice mesh forefoot area to help breathability. These shoes lace up easily and are designed to fit well.


Why this product is durable and what makes it more special? It uses high-quality synthetic materials and is built to last for a long time. These shoes are priced affordably and they are built to last. So you can choose this high-quality shoe which will provide a lot of benefits.


It is designed with flexible soles which allow a lot of movement of the foot. The outer fabric is breathable mesh to keep your kid’s feet cool and as dry as possible.


ASICS Kids Gel-Contend 4, Azure/Frosted Rose, 4.5 M US Big Kid

It’s a great product that manufactures only high-quality running shoes; this shoe has a lot of built-in comfort for your child’s feet. These shoes are mainly designed to ventilate well so it helps to absorb shock. It comes with extraordinary features that make them very durable.


These shoes are very soft and feature the GEL cushioning system which absorbs shock so your kid will stay free from fatigue or soreness. The upper part provides good stability and support, it also ensures their feet stay comfortable and dry all day long. The outsole is stitched directly to offer extra durability.

Removable sock liner

A sock liner can be removed easily from the shoe for better comfort. It is an awesome shoe at a great value and this one is perfect for kids of all ages. The durable rubber outsole helps to protect the outer area of the shoe. They are priced affordably yet the quality lasts for a long time.


The ASICS Gel-Contend shoes combine great cushioning, comfort, and durability. It comes with great colors and unique style also for kids it promotes good running form and builds strength. This is a better shoe for running on grass or other softer surfaces. It’s one of the best soft, comfy shoes available in the market.


New Balance Baby Boys Made in US 990 V4 Sneaker, Pink/Pink, 2 Infant

The New Balance KV990v4 running shoe is made of the best materials and offers long-lasting durability. The mesh overlay ensures a good amount of breathability and prevents your little one from having to suffer in wet socks. Its rubber sole offers great protection for your child’s foot and reduces the impact of shock absorption while running or playing in the ground.


This shoe offers great flexibility and also gives a good sense of running surface to the user. It is mainly constructed of a lot of synthetic overlays and makes it a very supportive shoe. Only high-quality materials are used as it offers excellent stability and long-lasting durability.

Excellent midsole technology

It includes ENCAP midsole technology for supporting your little kid’s foot and adding stability. It supports both the wide and narrow feet without looking bulky; you can get this shoe at a range of widths to fit different types of feet.


The mesh overlays are the major factor that ensures a good amount of breathability also prevents your little one from shock absorption. The tougher polyurethane rim offers better alignment for the kid’s foot.


ALTRA Unisex-Child ONE JR Running Shoe, Hornet, 5 M US Big Kid

The Altra one kid’s running shoe is well-cushioned and comfortable, it also has a breathable mesh upper to remove moisture and dry quickly. Why this product is very popular among others? It’s highly flexible so that your little one will get a good range of motion.


This shoe has a durable outsole and features Altra’s foot pod technology which helps to reduce soreness on the feet. It is designed to provide maximum range of motion so that the users can feel free while running or jogging.

Innerflex midsole

The ultralight Innerflex midsole provides great lightweight flexibility also the Zero drop platform maintains the low-impact form. The durable upper is perfect for kids who can be hard on their shoes.

Offers Natural Stride

It is perfectly designed with synthetic overlays for additional structure. With this feature, the user can stay on their foot for a long time and help them have a more natural stride. It delivers a comfortable, stable performance and reduces the pressure on a little foot.


The Altra one kid’s running shoe is well-cushioned and comfortable, it also has a breathable mesh upper to remove moisture and dry quickly. Why this product is very popular among others? It’s highly flexible so that your little one will get a good range of motion.

Anti-odor technology

The scramjet is designed with an anti-odor technology so your kids will stay free from stinky feet. There is a good amount of cushioning under the heel which will absorb shock and prevent any damage or fatigue. It is completely made with a full-length EVA midsole to make the kid comfortable for a long time.

Provides extra flexibility

This shoe is constructed with a UA Hero flex sole construction that provides extra flexibility to help your foot you move smoothly in all directions.

Offers Great traction

The rubber traction pods are placed under the heel and forefoot areas of the outsole to offer great durability. The synthetic uppers give good breathability and dry quickly after getting wet.


Saucony Ride 10 Jr Running Shoe, Pink/Silver, 4 US Unisex Little Kid

The Saucony Ride 10 sneaker has a tri-flex outsole and it works great on many surfaces. It is one of the best lightweight shoes with nice cushioning and support also it has a bigger toe box for growing kids. There is a removable and molded insole which makes the user very comfortable.

Soft and pliable

These shoes are soft and pliable also the feet of young children can grow to a half size which depends on their ability. To overcome this issue this shoe is well-constructed, comfortable and flexible. It offers fantastic stability which enhances the overall durability so you can use it for a lifetime.

Tri-flex outsole

This shoe includes a Tri-flex outsole so you can use it at any place even on the hard surfaces. Not only it is lightweight, responsive and provides outstanding energy return but it also excels in cushioning abilities which prolong the lifespan of shoe gradually. It prevents the kid from unwanted slippage, blistering, or rubbing.


adidas Kids' Fortarun,Collegiate Royal/White/Collegiate Navy,1 M US Little Kid

It is the best running shoe for kids as it is made of synthetic textiles and a rubber sole. The upper portion is constructed of a breathable mesh so the kids can feel comfortable while running. Its rubber sole lasts for a long time and cushions your feet throughout the day.


When you look for a kid’s running shoe the most important factor to look for is cushioning. It gives a nice cushioning feel underfoot to reduce the impact of shock absorption while running or jogging. It comes with a breathable and seamless mesh upper for providing good comfort.


This shoe can easily for a little kid from 4 to 8 years old, the removable sock liner is another added benefit because you can take it out to get comfort. The molded Adidas stripes offer stability to this product. You can enjoy this lightweight design and feel comfortable wherever you go.

Excellent fit

This minimalist design provides a natural feel and fits so your kid can move for a long-distance run. The versatile design offers features premium cushioning for attaining smooth and energized ride.


ASICS Gel Venture 5 GS Trail Running Shoe (Little Kid/Big Kid), Black/Onyx/Charcoal, 7 M US Big Kid

The ASICS Kid’s Gel venture running shoe is the best one for your kids as it is made of high-quality materials. It offers an adequate amount of cushioning and comfort to the foot so the kid can stay free for a long time. The interior pads are well-constructed to offer a natural feel even when running at harder surfaces.

Who can use this shoe?

This shoe is specially designed for kids aged between 4 and 12 years. Their padded tongue and collar make the person comfortable to wear for a while. It is made of breathable synthetic material as well as a rubber sole. It also provides a great grip for trail running.

Gel cushioning

The Gel cushioning system is imported in this shoe to absorb the shock generated while the kid is running. They have a removable sock liner to comfort your kids. The upper side features a breathable mesh while the sole is purely made of rubber. For runners, traction is very important so it is best to pick this product as it offers a superior level of comfort.

Best Kids Shoes Buyers Guide

What are the features to look for in a kid’s running shoe?

There are many factors to consider in running shoe but the most important features are support, stability, comfort, traction, and durability in the design.

To add extra comfort to the kid’s foot look for a cushionable quality.


When you begin your search for children’s running shoes it’s very important to consider comfortability. The shoes which you pick must be breathable to get rid of smelling, and unusual odors.

Finding breathable shoes are not very tough and there are a lot of materials which gives great comfort. Leather, suede, canvas are the best materials but synthetic materials can cause serious issues.

Usually, running shoes are constructed with a mesh upper as it allows air to flow throughout the shoe and keep your child’s feet cool.


Running indoors or outdoors, children must have energy throughout the day and it’s essential to offer the best shoe for them. While picking shoes for your kids the first thing to consider is the material.

The material you choose must last for a long time so the most durable material in the market is, Leather, Suede, and Canvas.

The leather is the best one but it doesn’t allow airflow, the canvas is the most affordable and easy to clean material, suede is not that much durable as leather yet softer to touch. Also, look for a shoe that wicks away moisture because it maintains the longevity of shoes.


It’s crucial to pick the right pair of shoes, you have to choose the shoe which makes them comfortable and supported all day.

So it’s extremely important to think about its fit. There must be enough space between the longest toe and front of the shoe; otherwise, kids will feel uncomfortable throughout the day. It’s also important to wear proper socks to avoid blisters, irritation, etc.

The thickness of the socks depends on how they’ll affect the fit of the shoe like making them too tight.

Final Verdict

There are different varieties of shoes that offer durability, stability, cushioning and other features but it’s important to pick the best one for your kid.

Ensure the qualities of the shoe before you get it for your kid.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best kid’s running shoes?

The Adidas performance Hyperfast running shoes provide great comfort to your kid.

It features lightweight cushioning as well as a soft liner that makes you feel perfect whenever you put on. It is available in various colors and designs to pick the best one for your kid.

Do kids need running shoes?

A good running shoe offers arch support, a shock-absorbing sole and heel support.

Proper footwear is the right key to support your child’s joints and body while running or playing. Before getting the shoes to measure your child’s width and length to fit the foot perfectly.

Which is the most durable kid’s shoe?

New Balance shoes provide comfort, excellent support, and stability. They will definitely fit the shape of your kids. You can get this shoe in wide and extra wide widths.

There are huge varieties of shoe styles that come with strong support and fit the shape of your child’s foot accurately.

What are the benefits of running shoes?

The running shoes offer a superior cushioning in heel and forefoot also it provides the best protection for your feet and body.

It gives enough stability and flexibility in the right places so that your kid may feel comfortable while doing any activity.

What are the best waterproof shoes?

The Rocky Waterproof MOBU is the best waterproof shoe for toddlers. It is mainly designed to ensure maximum traction so the kids can have a stable footing when they walk over the rough terrain.

It can be used in any climatic condition even in the wet areas.

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