Best Men’s Work Boots for Narrow Feet

My optimism wears heavy boots and is loud - Henry Rollins

Benjamin Franklin famously said that death and taxes were the only constants in life.

When he did, he forgot about or failed to mention, the third constant that carries us all from the cradle to the grave, puts a wage in our pockets, and enables us to pay Mr. Franklin’s infamous second perpetual truth, taxes. 

Work is the ceaseless part of the human condition that Benjamin Franklin neglected to mention, and the altar upon which all men prostrate themselves. We all work for a living, and we all wear a uniform to earn our wages.

Whether we regard them as being part of our working attire or our regular, downtime outfits, work boots are an essential part of most men’s wardrobes.

But no two men are the same (unless they’re twins of course), and we all need different sized boots for our different sized feet, whether they’re big or small, wide or narrow.

That’s why we’ve found five of the best work boots for narrow footed guys so that if you do have narrow feet (which we do), you can just choose the boots that are right for you and get straight back to work.

Are you ready? Good, then come with us and we’ll show you your new work boots…


Danner mens Acadia 8' Boot Black 10.5 D US


Danner has been making boots in the Pacific Northwest for nearly a century.

They don’t make footwear for the idle and shiftless, they make boots for adventurers, hikers, and the hard-working men and women of America.

Because they’ve never been a brand that does things by half, or the easy way, Danner’s footwear has found a natural home with military and service personnel.

And the Arcadia is the boot that Danner made for the armed forces, police, and security services.

Designed as a narrow fit boot, the Acadia is built (because all good boots are built, rather than being “made”) using Danner’s world-famous stitch-down construction which makes them incredibly stable and long-lasting.

At eight inches high, these boots are engineered to support your ankles and heels, and the breathable mesh that their uppers are fashioned from means that you’ll be able to wear them all year round, come rain, wind, or snow.

The Vibram Kletterlift outsole has been fabricated to provide traction in any environment, which means that when you’re wearing a pair of Acadia, you’ll never lose your footing.

There’s a reason that law enforcement officers tend to favor Acadia, and that’s because they’re a boot that gets the job done and does whatever the person wearing them needs them to.

Acadia are made to take whatever life throws at them, shrug it off, and just keep on going. If you want to be the best, you wear the best, and that’s exactly what Danner’s Acadia’s are. 


  • When we say Acadia is built to last, we mean that they’re built to LAST. Some serving officers and soldiers have been wearing their Acadia’s for more than a decade. Longevity isn’t just a throwaway byword to Danner, it’s the driving force behind everything that they do.
  • Comfortable, weatherproof, and fashioned to be close fitting, Acadia work boots are also light and maneuverable and ideally suited to any, and all, work environments.
  • And their non-slip outsoles will ensure that you’ll always stay on your feet, no matter where you find yourself. 


  • One of the biggest gripes that anyone who has ever worn a pair of Acadia’s has, is they take a while to wear in. And until you do break them in, they’re going to make your feet hurt. But bear with them, because when they do find that symbiosis with your feet, you’ll never want to want another pair of boots.
  • They’re also eye wateringly expensive. All of the quality, durability, and stability that goes into fashioning Acadia has a reassuringly high price tag. Conversely, because they last forever, they’ll probably be the only pair of work boots that you’ll ever need to buy, which makes their staggering cost a little more palatable. 


Caterpillar Men's Diagnostic Steel-Toe Waterproof Boot,Dark Beige,10 M US


While Caterpillar is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of industrial equipment, they’re also one of the premier designers of work boots.

Their footwear is built to the same exacting standards that all of their products are and is made to take the same sort of punishment and abuse.

But somewhere along the Caterpillar journey, their work boots took on a life of their own and became more than just the chosen footwear of the working man., and they found an unprecedented level of fame among those who wanted to look good in, and outside of, work.   

A burly boot, the Diagnostic is built from the ground up around Caterpillars ERGO comfort system, which is designed to combine comfort, flexibility, and stability.

These six-inch-high steel toe-capped work boots are waterproof, thermally insulated, have slip-resistant outsoles and, should you find yourself caught in an electrical storm, will also protect you from the dangers of adverse current and voltage.

They are, as an infinitely wiser man than any of us once said, the whole package and the real deal. 

Stylish and functional, Caterpillars Diagnostic have earned their stripes the hard way and have proved themselves to be a top tier workboot of choice the world over, time and time again.

They’re made to be hard-wearing, and given their sterling reputation for quality and durability, there’s every chance that if you wear them, your boots will probably outlast you.


  • With their steel caps in place, short of someone dropping a house on your feet, the Diagnostics will keep your feet safe from just about any disaster that could potentially befall them. 
  • Weatherproof, comfortable, and contemporary, Diagnostic’s are not only functional, but they also look good too.


  • They tend to be a little heavy, mainly thanks to their steel toecaps, but what work boot isn’t? It might take you a little time to get used to their weight, but it’s a small pierce to pay for the comfort of Caterpillar. 


Wolverine Men's SR Durashock DS MNS 6 Inch Steel Toe EH Work Boot, Black, 11 M US


Established in 1883, Wolverine is an iconic American brand. They exist to support the men and women who forge their path in life and stop at nothing to build the future that they want. 

And their DuraShock work boots epitomize everything that the brand stands for and believes in. 

These steel toe-capped, fully weather-proofed boots have a mesh interior that’ll draw the moisture out of your feet while they rest squarely on their dual-density soles that are as comfortable as they are hardy.

High enough to fully protect your ankles, the only thing that you’ll have to worry about while wearing Wolverine’s DuraShock boots is the fact that you’ll never want to take them off. Which presents a whole other set of domestic problems that nobody wants to even think about.

Thanks to their commitment to using superior materials, innovation, and their relentless craftsmanship, Wolverine is acknowledged as being industry leaders in the field of work boots.

And if you give in to temptation and slip into a pair of DuraShock boots, you’ll end up becoming another convert to their cause. Which, despite what you’re thinking, isn’t a bad thing at all.


  • They’ll keep your feet warm, dry, and comfortable and thanks to their steel toe caps, will also protect them from all sorts of misfortune and woe. 
  • DuraShock are also durable, tough, and hard-wearing. And they look good. They’re a best of both worlds boot that’ll steal the heart of any narrow footed working man. 


  • Sizing can be an issue, so you might want to stick to the old adage, “Try before you buy”, if Wolverine’s world-famous work boots have woven their work boot magic on you.


Georgia Boot Men's Georgia Athens Wellington Work Boot Work Shoe, Brown, 9.5 M US


Georgia claims to be America’s hardest working brand of boots and having worn a few pairs of them in our time, it’s pretty hard to find fault, or argue with them. 

While the idea of a slip-on work boot might seem a little strange, once you’ve tried Georgia’s Athen’s for a while, you’ll start to wonder why you ever bothered with laces. 

The Athens is a ten-inch high work boot that’s designed to surround your feet in luxury thanks to it’s EVA midsole, AMP (advanced memory polyurethane) insole, and rubber outsole that provides more stability than the foundations of the Sears Tower.

Fashioned from waterproof leather and suede, these boots are made to be every bit as hard-wearing as you are hard-working, and won’t quit or let you down. 

Some boots are made for walking, while others are made for working, and Athens is equally at home in both camps.

They’re made for the blue-collar man to wear whether he’s on the job or just kicking back and relaxing at his local bar. Whatever you need them for, Athens has it covered. 


  • Don’t be afraid of the slip-on. Once you’ve tried these incredibly comfortable, and dare we say it (yes we dare) stylish boots, you’ll wonder why you wasted years of your life fastening laces.
  • Fully waterproof, the combination of leather, suede, and rubber outsole that Georgia uses to make these boots means that they’re as breathable as they are stable and safe.
  • They’re tougher than Rocky in the final fight of his fourth film and will happily take the same sort of pounding and beating that he did in the closing rounds of that bout. 


  • Apart from the lack of a steel toe-cap which some working stiffs claim they could do with, it’s almost impossible to find fault with Georgia’s Athens. And once you’ve tried them on, you’ll almost certainly feel the same way about them as we do. 


Ariat Men's Workhog H2O Work Boot, Aged Bark/Army Green, 9 2E US


We’ve already made our position about slip-on boots clear, so in case you missed it for whatever reason, we’ll share it with you again.

We’re big fans, and the Ariat Workhog takes the slip-on work boot to a whole new level by making it a little bit more country.  

And who doesn’t want, or need, some more country in their life? Everyone needs some more country, especially when it looks as good as these cowboy work boots do. 

Although they began life as an equestrian clothing company, Ariat some realized that they could transfer everything that they’d learned about making horse riding boots into different areas of footwear.

That decision gave the world the Workhog, a fully weatherproofed, durable leather boot that uses gel systems for comfort, has a nonslip and self-cleaning heel, and uses Ariat’s patented U-Turn Entry, which makes it easy to slip on and off, but guarantees that the boots will stay on your feet until you’re ready to take them off.

The outsole is cushioned, provides incredible support, and is also oil-resistant, so you can work on your truck and car and not have to worry about engine leaks spoiling your boots, and your, day.

When you need to indulge your inner cowboy and let him loose in work, the best way to do it is with a pair of Workhog’s.


  • Easy to slip on and just as simple to slip off thanks to Ariat’s U-Turn Entry system, these leather boots don’t just look good, they’re also fully weatherproofed and oil resistant.
  • And they’re also hard-wearing, durable, and comfortable. They’re everything a good work boot should be with an extra and most welcome dose of country craftsmanship and skill. 


  • We’re not going to lie, it’s going to take you a while to break these boots in. That’s mainly due to the fact that they’re mostly leather and made to keep your feet, and you safe, but when you do tame them, you’ll be glad that you did. They’re some of the most comfortable boots that you’ll ever wear. Trust us, we know these things. We’ve been wearing them for years.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Work Boots?

Work boots are designed and manufactured to keep working men and women’s feet safe in potentially hazardous environments.

While they were traditionally fitted with a steel toe cap to protect feet, modern work boots often use different composite materials to fulfill the same role that steel did which makes them lighter, and often more flexible than conventional work boots. 

Made to be comfortable, durable, and tough, work boots while still part of orthodox working attire, have also become increasingly fashionable and have found a new fanbase with people who want affordable, long-lasting boots that are suitable for any, and all, occasions.

They are at the epicenter of the collision of the industrial world and fashion world, and as such, work boots have become cherished, and much sought after, by everyone from mechanics to bastions of modern industry.    

Which Work Boots For Narrow Feet Are Right For Me?

It’s a given that, like us, you’ve probably got narrow feet. But that’s not a problem as far as work boots are concerned, as our list has already shown you. 

The only things that you need to consider when choosing your work boots are your budget and personal taste. Choose wisely according to the latter, and stick rigidly to the former. 

That said, if you were looking for our advice, and wanted to know which boots we’d recommend, we’d always point you in the direction of Caterpillar and Georgia Boots Athens.

They’re both incredibly versatile, affordable, do everything that a good work boot should and they also look good.

And just because you’re working it doesn’t mean that you, and the boots you’re wearing, can’t look sharp too. 

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