Best Pull On Work Boots

A good pair of work boots is an important piece of kit on the job.  But who wants to mess about with fiddly laces when you’ve got a tonne of things to do.  Pull on work boots ensure that you get all the safety of a regular safety boot, without having to worry about any darn laces.

We’ve been looking at the best pull on work boots out on the market today, and we’ve handpicked our top 5 picks to show you.  And after that, we’ve got a handy buying guide for you which walks you through (apologies for the pun) everything you might want to think about before you buy.

For the purpose of this article, we have decided to concentrate on boots for multiple uses, including use outdoors.  The article focuses on men’s work boots rather than womens, not because of any bias on our part, but simply because there’s more interest in men’s work boots than in women’s.

Best Pull On Work Boots


Dunlop 8677603 Chesapeake Boots with Safety Steel Toe, 100% Waterproof PVC, Lightweight and Durable Protective Footwear, Size 3


Now this pull on work boot is a great all rounder.  There’s no wonder it’s selling so well.

They’re a best seller in work boots, and that doesn’t just come down to their being such great value for money.   

It’s got that all important real steel cap toe to protect your toe from impact from heavy drops.  

But despite that, the boots are quite lightweight overall.  In fact they are 25% lighter than their PVC counterparts.

They’re perfect for outdoor use because they’re 100% waterproof, and that together with the great anti slip grip on the outsole means they’re great in rain and mud.  In fact the outsole actually repels water.

They’re also all black, which means  they wouldn’t look out of place with a work uniform.

It’s available in a wide range of sizes, going all the way from size 3 to size 10.  But unfortunately there are no half sizes or wide sizes available.


  • Great value for money
  • Steel cap toe
  • 100% waterproof


  • No half sizes available


ROCKROOSTER Work Boots for Men, Steel Toe Waterproof Safety Working Shoes(F1-AK227, 6-BLK)


This is a fantastic work boot.  And we think it’s hands down worth the extra money.

Not only is there a steel cap toe, but there’s loads of other great features too.  They are abrasion resistant, slip resistant, electrical charge resistant and waterproof.

But that’s not all.  They’re built for comfort.  They have a dual-density, shock-absorbing footbed which cushions your every step, massaging your feet as you walk, and promoting greater blood flow.  Moreover their COOLMAX fiber technology transports moisture away from your feet so you don’t get sweaty.

There’s quite an array of sizes available, starting from 6 wide, and going all the way up to 14 extra wide.

The pull-on option is all black, which looks smart and is great for making part of a work uniform.  And they should stay looking smart too, thanks to the moulded rubber scuff guard.

If you decide to buy this through the Amazon website, be careful  about what options you select because some of the boots on the page are lace-up and not pull-on.  The same goes for steel toe or soft toe options.


  • Lots of safety features
  • Lots of comfort features
  • Wide, extra wide & half sizes available


  • Premium product at a premium price
  • Pull on variety only available in black


WOLVERINE Men's Floorhand Waterproof 10' Steel Toe Work Boot, Dark Brown, 7 M US


If you’ve got a bit more money to work with, then this is another pull on work boot worthy of your consideration.

This is a smart looking pair of boots, made of 100% real leather.  And better yet it’s 100% waterproof too, so you don’t have to worry about your feet getting wet in the rain, or from the mud.

And on that note, it also has a slip resistant outsole, so slippery conditions won’t be a problem.  

It also features a moisture wicking system, so your feet won’t be wet from sweat either.

It’s easy to pull on too, thanks to the 15 inch large boot opening.

Plus it has that all important steel cap toe for maximum protection from heavy impacts.  

It’s available in sizes from 7 to 14, including half sizes and wide sizes.

Sometimes Amazon has really good deals on these boots, just follow the link.


  • 100% real leather
  • 100% waterproof
  • Slip resistant outsole
  • Steel cap toe
  • Easy to pull on


  • Premium product at a premium price


Caterpillar Men's Edgework Pull-On Waterproof Steel Boot,Mahogany,8 M US


If you want to buy your boots from a top well established brand, then you should take a look at these boots.  They have a really nice mahogany color, and are 100% leather.

These boots have a number of stand out features.  For example, it’s not just the toe area that features steel protection, there are also steel shanks, to give your boots better toughness and durability.

It also provides electrical hazard protection, something you don’t always get in a work boot.

The full grain leather upper is completely waterproof, which is great.  But it also keeps your feet dry inside the shoe too - there’s a breathable nylon mesh lining which works to wick away any sweat and transfer to the outside of the boot.

And speaking of wet conditions, it’s also non-slip, so you don’t need to worry about slipping in mud or oil etc.  

The outsole also happens to be abrasion resistant, which means that sharp gravel won’t cut into it.

Although these boots can be fairly expensive, customer feedback has been very positive, and they’ve earned an average Amazon customer rating of 4 and a half stars out of 5, even after well over 200 individual customer ratings.

Sometimes Amazon has really good deals on these boots, just follow the link.


  • Steel cap toe & steel shanks
  • Electrical hazard protection
  • Upper is completely waterproof
  • Slip and abrasion resistant


  • Premium product at a premium price


Irish Setter Work Men's 83912 Marshall 11' Pull-On Steel Toe Waterproof Work Boot,Brown,8 D US


Now here’s a pull on work boot for the style conscious amongst us!  It has an understated cowboy look to it that wouldn’t look out of place anywhere.

This work boot may be 100% leather rather than rubber or PVC, but it still has all the great safety features that you look for in a work boot.  

The boot was designed with RPM Composite technology, with the idea being to reduce the weight of each boot, without having to sacrifice comfort or durability.

There’s the steel cap toe for maximum protection for heavy impacts.  And there’s a heat resistant outsole which will also protect from electrical hazards.

As for comfort, there’s a moisture management system in the lining to wick away any sweat and keep your feet dry.  And there’s a polyurethane footbed which you can remove if it gets on your nerves.

And the leather upper has been treated to make it completely waterproof, so you can go ahead and keep working through the rain.

The only real drawback would be the price, but judging from customer feedback on Amazon and elsewhere on the net, customers generally feel it’s well worth the money.

The available sizes start at 8 and go all the way up to 16, and they also have several half sizes and wide sizes.


  • 100% real leather
  • Very stylish look
  • Lots of safety features
  • Lots of comfort features
  • Half and wide sizes available


  • No small sizes
  • Premium product at a premium price

Best Pull On Work Boots Buying Guide

As promised, here’s a quick run through of everything you might want to think about before you buy.


When shopping for shoes for work, the size and fit of the shoe becomes all the more important.  And of course the issue with buying shoes online is that you don’t get to try the shoes on first. 

But there are ways to identify the best shoe size for you, and that’s by looking at the various size charts available on retailer websites.  This goes for both the length of a shoe and the width.

Water Resistance

For those of you who work outdoors in a wet climate, you’re certainly going to need boots with some level of water resistance. 

There’s nothing worse than having to work with soggy feet.  And if you can get boots that are 100% waterproof, then that would be the ideal choice, rather than having to settle for something with only partial water resistance.

Slip Resistance

Of course, if you’re working outdoors, then rainfall in the air is not all you’re going to be contending with.  You need your work boots to provide good grip wherever you happen to be, including in areas made slippery whether it be through rain, mud, oil or anything else. 

So to that end you should seek out boots that have some slip resistance in the outsole.

Meeting of Safety Standards

If you have been given guidelines about what safety standards your boots need to meet, then please ensure that you check this before buying. 

Although we haven’t gone into a lot of detail on this in this article, you will find that wherever a work boot is being sold online, there will be some indication of what safety standards it meets.

Steel Cap Toe

One of the more common features in a work boot is a steel cap toe.  And when buying your boots, you should be careful to check whether they have this feature, since many brands will release both types of boots, with or without the steel cap toe, and they often look identical.

If you don’t have sufficient toe protection, then if something very heavy falls on your foot, not only can it be very painful, but it even has the potential to be debilitating.  Having a steel cap toe in place ensures that if something heavy were to fall, then you will be able to release your foot should it become trapped.

This reinforced toe cap is traditionally made from steel due its sheer strength, but these days you can also get them made with other materials that are often just as strong.

Other Safety Features

Some of the pull on work boots in our top 5 picks also feature protection against electrical hazards, and where this applies, we have said so.

Style Features

If you’ve done a lot of looking around for pull on work boots, you may have noticed that they all seem to follow a certain look.  They are predominantly either black or brown and are generally either PVC or leather. 

And while one type of style is not necessarily any better in our eyes, it is worth noting that any boots with a suede upper are unlikely to be waterproof, and will require you to buy a spray to protect them against water damage.

Moisture Wicking

If you’re going to be working in your boots over several hours, not only do you want to be safe, but you also want to be comfortable.  To that end you should take into consideration the inner part of the boot too. 

These days work boots come with a mesh like lining which ensures that any sweat from feet is removed and is absorbed into the shoe.  This is known as moisture wicking.  With this in place your feet will remain dry and comfortable.

Customer Reviews

In our view, it’s always worth checking out a few customer reviews before you buy something online, and get a feel for other customers’ reaction to the product, whether it met their expectations, whether there are significant issues you need to know about, and so on.

Many online retailers have their own customer rating and reviews available on their product pages, which is a great way of judging whether a product such as work boots is as good as it appears to be.


If you need a new pair of work boots, then you needn’t look further than the 5 we showed you here.

No laces to worry about, you just pull them straight on.  And they all meet the criteria in our buying guide about what to look for in a good pair of pull on work boots.

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