The 10 Best Running Shoes for Men

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We have tested over 160+ men’s running shoes and took the top 10 best shoes for you. We have considered overall breathable, traction, portable, comfort, color option, durable, best support, lightweight, stability as well as the performance of each shoe. These shoes are the most important thing you need for enjoying the sport throughout the day, choosing the right running shoe is essential.

Best Overall Best Running Shoes For Men

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A huge number of runners have the custom of searching the most perfect pair of running shoes. Running is an activity that millions of people love to take part in daily life for health and weight loss benefits; so it is very significant to wear proper shoes for their running patterns. For runners who love to explore the different area or to try a new workout, building up the shoe collection is very important to stay healthy. When you move out for a daily jog, it is essential to sport the right footwear. The running shoes are developed with injury prevention techniques to protect the athlete from any kind of fracture. Most of the road shoes are designed with carbon rubber in the underfoot area, which offers more cushioning for a runner. It is also desirable to find ultra-cushioned shoes that have a zero or low heel-to-toe drop. The super cushioned shoes provide as much as 50% more comfort than traditional shoes; the trail running shoes are designed for off-road routes with rocks, mud or other obstacles they offer extraordinary support, stability, and underfoot protection. The running shoes are designed for different types of people, foot, and even strides; so you must choose what may be the perfect shoe for you? Choosing the right pair of shoe can make you stay stronger, faster and less prone to injury. If you change the shoes frequently you may feel a little change with the ground, thus you stride differently.

Table: Top 10 Best Running Shoes for Men

10 Best Running Shoes for Men 2019

1. Asics Gel Nimbus 18

The Asics Gel Nimbus 18 men’s running shoe is one of the best shoes for walking; it also makes you comfortable for cross-training and shorter distance running. 


Most of them love this kind of shoes because of its comfort. It reduces the irritation when you are moving; it has a gel cushioning system which absorbs the impact of discomfort when your foot hits the ground. 

It is very flexible, breathable and supportive for those who spend a lot of time on their feet and get a good experience. The tough lining is attached with Nimbus 18 and it is great to touch because the soft fabric is padded over the foot; the groove which runs through the center is deeper and the gap between the forefoot lugs are narrowed. 

It gives a good grip and durability; it is made up of thick rubber which provides more stability. It can be a right choice for unbiased runners and those who love to wear cushioning shoes for their daily workouts; the clutch can make your foot to be in a point and adds comfort to your run. 

If you love to have many color patterns this model makes you happy with black-silver-carbon, black-island-blue, and hot-orange-yellow; you may get a chance to choose your favorite color.

2. Saucony Triumph ISO

It has a highly cushioned and luxurious feature which is ideal for daily training or to cover longer distance; the shoe is designed with bright and elegant colors to give a dazzling performance for runners.


It is equipped with a soft cushion which makes the runners prevent their foot from injury and keep them motivated. The Triumph is best suited for road or track running with high level of impact protection which gives a cozy touch between the runner’s feet and the running surface. 

You can enjoy by wearing this shoe because of its light-weight; it just wraps around the foot like a glove which provides you a comfortable feel. It has a well-padded collar with more space in the toe and it is an excellent all-around shoe that is spring, daring and comfortable. 

Most of the runners may be impressed by its versatility, fitness, and comfort which is because of the thin layer of foam in the midsole; it may be durable enough to cover longer miles. The Triumph ISO fit wraps around the foot to give you an individual fit and support which provides more stability to have an enjoyable ride.

3. New Balance Fresh Foam 1080

The New Balance running shoe is loved by the runners because of its light-weight which gives enough stability and cushioning for your long distance travel; it also gives the stylish look when you walk around. 


It is the better choice to use for walking a half marathon or spending the entire day on your feet. The molded foam collar within the shoe helps you to give support to the ankle which will make you fit and comfortable and a fresh foam gives soft cushioning feel to the foot. 

It is ultimately designed with high-quality materials so it will last for a long time and also provides motion control shoes, trail shoes, and neutral performance shoes. It is also designed with a different width to fit the foot more gently, the upper part has no sew-designs to minimize injury and avoid blisters.

 If you need a faster and lightweight shoe for running this will be the best choice which makes your ride more enjoyable and desirable. The interior design is very soft, plush and the mesh layers give a good breathability which keeps the foot cool after a long ride; the upper side is flexible enough to provide fitness and security.

4. Hoka One One Bondi 5

It is designed for running on hard or rocky surfaces but it gives the cushiest experience of long rides, most of the hokas are softly cushioned. 


Hoka is an excellent running shoe to keep the runner’s foot very cozy; with their thick and wide soles it may provide you the supportive and comfortable ride. 

If your foot hits the ground then the super cushioning fabric can slow the speed which reduces the pressure under your heel and ball of your foot. The design of this shoe is very rocky which gives a tapered look at the heel but toe has a smooth heel to make your ride smooth. 

It is loved by the runners because of its versatility with more than enough superior cushioning for any miles; it is made with light-weight materials for creating a smoother travel. Hokas are designed with wider toe box which gives you a stable and supportive feel; it is also available in various color combinations that make the shoe more attractive and trendy. 

If you love to wear fashionable shoes this will be the right choice because of its effortless smooth transitions and a classic look.

5. Brooks Ghost 10

It is the high quality, versatile shoe which offers superior cushioning and durability, the sole in the interior design is soft that gives a good balance for efficient and comfortable running.


It performs well for every day running and gives high mileage; it can be used even for faster workouts. The ghost interior and full-length crash pad give you an easy landing at each step, it provides the excellent flexibility; it also has a narrow heel and wide toe box which is the most desirable shape for many people’s feet. 

It is very expensive because it is made of durable materials in combination with high quality.  Brooks has a unique cushion material that molds your feet and cushions where you need it. 

The newly designed uppers are very impressive with a new quality and top performing mesh system which makes you move for long miles; the excess heel rotation is minimized in this running shoe through the built-in innovative lightweight and a strong heel counter which gives more stability. 

 The Brooks can reduce the stress for joints and makes you feel happy and cozy while you are running.

6. Altra Instinct 4.0

It is the latest upgrade on one of the altra models and it is the most versatile shoe which performs well in a gym as well as on the road.


This altra model is designed with additional padding to the heels to protect running people and to prevent them from injuries. 

The toe box of every altra running shoes is made with a natural wider shape so it may fit for everyone without any discomfort. If you take some traditional shoes it will never allow your toe to splay or spread out while running, but altra models make your foot to spread out with a lot of comfort. 

If the toes are straight it improves the power and gives you more stability for each stride. It also has plenty of space in the inner part to hold your feet in a natural fit; it gives you a good breathability and offers more ventilation to keep your feet dry and warm. 

The altra instinct has a thick rubber outsole which provides a good grip in different areas and the rubber protects the foot so runners will be able to move with high mileage with a lot of cushioning in the midsole.

7. Adidas Ultra Boost 4.0

It provides a good cushioning and also it is very attractive, the neutral shoe which is suitable for running people with slimmer feet. 


Adidas is an excellent combination of stability, support and comfort cushioning which is needed when you move out for a road ride. It has a breathable fabric wrapped around the upper mesh that encloses the foot with a sock-like a feel and the midsole gives energy at each stride for runners. 

The outsole of the shoe is made with the thin layer of rubber so that it can be used for high mileage training which increases the grip. 

If you are a neutral runner this shoe can provide a good run on all road surfaces with comfort, stability and a good protection. It looks stylish and fashionable so it may be used as casuals or for running. 

The midsole boost system gives some irritation under your foot spring but the upper affords a high level of breathability; it is constructed with reliable and high durable materials.

If you wear this shoe during rainy days it will be durable for a long time and makes you feel comfortable.

8. Brooks Glycerin 15

The ultimate soft ride can become even softer with Brooks Glycerin 15 model running shoe the air and rubber fixed inside the shoe gives you the softest ride; it is mainly designed to provide smoother feeling to underfoot without losing durability and stability. 


The shoe wraps your foot with a plush feel so it gives you the opportunity to expand and move through long miles. It is designed with super DNA in the midsole which provides super cushioning and adapts to every stride. 

The super DNA gives extra energy and support for the runners wherever they need to go it is not too squishy. The outsole is covered with huge amount of rubber which gives this shoe a fantastic durability. The Glycerin provides the desirable transition from the heel strike onto the midfoot landing and then move to forefoot. 

It is highly stable and a comfortable shoe with the complete DNA which provides a rounded heel that gives a good support, maximum cushioning and pressure zones. 

This is made with an ultimate high-quality material so it can have a long durability and flexibility. The knit material built in the interior upper part helps to keep the sweat away and allows your feet to breathe easily.

9. Altra Olympus 2.5

It is a better choice to use this running shoe when you run on trails or tough roads because it is made with luxurious cushioning inside the shoe so your feet will not get hurt.


The increased cushioning will be useful for you when you want to run a lot of miles; it also has a wide toe box which helps the runners to move their toes around the shoe which gives them more comfort. 

The Altra Olympus model is versatile so that you may wear it outside on the street or track as well as inside the gym. It is designed with soft mesh material which allows the wearers to move their feet around with more space in the inner part of the shoe. 

A bound bottom layer provides a spring when you are running which can make you feel comfortable. The Altra Olympus is a lightweight running shoe that gives you a flexible feel and makes your ride even more efficient and speedy.

 It is the zero drop cushioned shoe so you may choose it for a long and far over rugged terrain.

10. Under Armour Speedform Gemini

It is one of the lightweight neutral shoes which are made of an ultra-cushioned mid-sole and it is mainly designed for ultimate long distance running on the road or for wherever you go.


The cushioning midsole uses the compressed foam to provide greater responsiveness and more durability; the internal heel gives your foot the lightweight support and structure.

 It has an arch-like the model in the front which offers additional flexibility and it is well ventilated that allows your feet to breathe easily. This is a durable running shoe made of high-quality materials and gives you the smoother transitions at any surface. 

The upper part of UA contains a mesh material with a high volume of holes which gives a good airflow for runners; the inner sole makes the shoe to look bulky and flat but the mesh provides you the smoother feel. 

The molded 4D foam gives the exact shape and size of the shoe and the micro G heel unit provides more protection and stabilization to your foot.

 UA has seamless heel cups and foam collars which offers a smooth ultrasonic welded seam for next to skin comfort and durability and it also has the dual-layered midsole that allows a strong protection.


Best Running Shoes for men- Buying Guide

Once you have decided to buy the product from above collections check whether the following criteria are available to enjoy the benefits.


It is very essential for runners and they don’t like a shoe that produces a lot of sweat while they are running; the shoe must be well ventilated that allow your feet to breathe easily. Increased number of holes can make you use the shoe at any climatic conditions even with no socks. The new fashionable materials are used to cover the upper mesh with soft fabrics. The comfort is necessary when you choose a shoe; it must not cause sweating when you start to run because it may soak into the shoe and stink a bit. It must be hygienic and comfortable because moisture can also affect the structure of the shoe.


It provides greater comfort by absorbing the shock which can make you feel tired and sore; cushioning gives a good support and balance your foot. Some of the insoles offer a good cushioning which can make your running very comfortable. When you are ready to buy a running shoe, it is important to ensure whether it is filled with many air holes and cushions so that it can last for a long time. Another benefit of the insole is it reduces the rate of fatigue and improves comfort. The greater amount of padding under your footwear can minimize the stress in joints and make to stay happy.


The comfort of shoes may vary depending on what kind of runner is using it. The mesh within the interior part provides comfort with excellent airflow and fitness for your foot. The Gel cushioning technology in the midsole absorbs the shock so that it minimizes your stress with more comfort. The wide toe box helps the runners to move their toes around the shoe. You must choose the shoe that makes your feet to feel comfortable and it must work with your body rather than against it. The comfort is very important than cushioning, softness and fitness because your body wants to move in a certain pattern that may be unique to your joints and bones.


You must choose the shoe that steadily increases your running distance so you will be able to achieve your dream. If you use the shoe for walking it can improve your fitness, burn calories and reduce the health risk; the flexibility can also spoil the stride if your feet are kept from functioning the way they supposed to do so the flexible shoe is necessary. When you are ready to move out for a jog, the shoe must flex properly while you are running. The thicker out and insole will have a different range of flexibility.  If your ankle doesn’t trip or roll in when you are running and you don’t have flexion then choose a neutral shoe. The flexible shoe must give a good grip when you are running on a road or trails.


The lightweight shoes tend to be more flexible because there will be less cushioning and foam under the foot, it has the same design as neutral shoes in terms of quality; if the shoe is constructed with more cushioning it gives a plush feel. It must provide you the dynamic motion so your feet can move more naturally. These are strongest in the stability type of shoes as it provides maximum support to protect the runner’s feet from shock. When you have a neutral pronation then you may get minimal risk from non-proper absorption of shock so choosing a lightweight shoe can give you a good comfort.


The stability shoes are designed with extra cushioning and medical support; if you are a normal runner then you may have an efficient stride and also moderate pronation control so stability shoes are the best choice for you. It is designed with comfortable underfoot and a good plush cushioning and this will the right selection if you suffer from overpronation and want an extra soft cushion to feel on your feet. It also allows breathability, a lightweight, and a low heel drop so you may also run in the lack of daylight. Most of the runners wish to pick an incredibly stable and a fit shoe for their feet.

Bottom Line:

Have you decided the suitable running shoe for you? I hope that you may have a clear idea for choosing a shoe from the above guide and product description. Picking the good running shoe can meet the individual needs of the runner.

Leave your comment below and share us the experience if you have used any of the above product before!

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