Best Sandals for Flat-Feet Women

We’ve all experienced the euphoric moment of removing your shoes after a long day and using your hands to rub life back into your soles. 

The saying “beauty is pain” has often been used as a way to justify the discomfort many people, especially women, put themselves through in order to keep up appearances. But when it comes to your feet, you really shouldn’t sacrifice the ability to walk without pain for shoes that favor style over comfort. 

Women with flat feet, in particular, can run into problems if their feet are abused, leading to health issues such as back pain, bunions, tendon damage, and general misery over feet that are always aching. 

More than just a dedication to your individual style, the type of shoes you wear can have a direct impact on your health and can reduce the risk of any foot-related complications in the future. 

In order to find walking more comfortable, if you have flat feet you need to choose a pair of shoes that support the arches of your feet, although a podiatrist or chiropodist will be able to give official advice on what style of shoe best suits your individual needs.

This article will provide more information about the importance of appropriate footwear and we have put together a list of the top 5 sandals for women with flat feet which we’ve reviewed for you. If you’re about to run out the door and quickly need to know which is the comfiest sandal to do it in, skip to our top pick below!

Top 5 Best Sandals for Flat-Feet Women


CUSHIONAIRE Women's Lane Cork Footbed Sandal with +Comfort, Stone, 9.5


One for the ethically conscious thanks to soft, vegan upper materials, these sandals also cater to comfort and style which means they tick every box for flat-feet, hence why they’re our top pick! 

The cork footbed of the shoe is incredibly flexible and therefore gentle on your soles, and 100% genuine suede, fully cushioned insoles ensure maximum comfort. 

These sandals will mold to your foot shape to suit the contours of your feet, and they provide extra arch support as you’re walking due to the cushioned heel cup. Anatomically correct footbeds give further support for which your feet are sure to thank you. 

They are also incredibly stylish with a classic, simple design that is similar to Birkenstocks without the accompanying price tag, and they are available in a large range of colors. 

These Cushionaire sandals are great value for money and would be a classy addition to any shoe collection whilst providing ultimate comfort. 


  • Excellent value for money
  • Vegan upper materials
  • 100% genuine suede insoles
  • EVA outsole
  • Cork footbed


  • Might need to size up according to customer reviews


Dr. Scholl's Shoes Women's Barton Wedge Sandal, Grey Snake Print, 9.5 M US


For the more fashion-conscious person who refuses to let their flat-footedness get in the way of their style, these Dr. Scholl’s platform wedge sandals will add both glamor and practicality to your outfit. 

You can pair these sandals with any outfit thanks to their modern and versatile design, and they feature faux leather straps which are vegan friendly and available in a variety of colors. There is also a gore behind the buckle to provide extra flexibility. 

There is built-in stretch in the material of these shoes that helps to guarantee a custom fit, while comfortable insoles designed with anatomical technology cushion the arches of the feet for enhanced support. 

Rubber soles ensure these are a durable, flexible pair of sandals that will see you through a night of dancing without causing you pain and discomfort the morning after. 


  • Stylish, attractive design
  • Anatomical footbed 
  • Flexible rubber sole for added durability


  • Straps can cause blisters
  • Expensive option


Clarks womens Arla Jacory Wedge Sandal, Black Solid, 10 US


As a British brand known for producing great-quality, comfortable shoes that bear up to long-lasting wear, the Clarks Arla Jacory Wedge Sandals features their Cloudsteppers Comfort technology for unbeatable cushioning. 

The elastic straps are suitable for wider feet as well as narrow to account for any swelling after prolonged periods of walking, and customers report that the footbed is true to size so you won’t find your toes hanging over the edge. 

The midsole is made from EVA which is lightweight and provides extra shock-absorption so that even a day pounding the pavement or beach-walking won’t leave you feeling like your feet are about to fall off. 

Although they could be considered a less trendy option than some of the others included in this article, they’re available in a range of sizes and colors to suit your taste.


  • Removable footbed to facilitate cleaning 
  • EVA midsole and outsole 
  • High-density foam for cushioning


  • Favor comfort over fashion


Teva Verra Bungee Cord 9.5


Perhaps less trendy than some of the other models in this article, the Teva Verra sandals are a practical pair that will provide ultimate comfort during even the most intense walking activities. 

The straps have a velcro hook-and-loop closure system so they can be adjusted to fit your feet, regardless of how wide or narrow they are. They also have a nylon shank for stability, making them a great choice for anyone who needs a little extra support during outside activities.

Although a slightly more expensive option, the Tera Verra sandals are guaranteed to provide great support for your arches, as the midsole is made using contoured EVA foam with a Shoc Pad™ heel for enhanced contact-absorption. 

The cushioned footbed also features Microban® zinc-based antimicrobial treatment in order to eliminate bacteria which can lead to unpleasant odors, and the Spider Original outsole is resistant to slipping thanks to its impressive grip on wet and dry surfaces alike. 


  • Microban® zinc-based footbed
  • Lightweight 
  • EVA foam midsole
  • Shoc Pad™ heel


  • Practical appearance but with multiple colors available


Nike Tanjun Sandal Womens, Black/White, Size 9.0


Nike is a leading brand in athletic footwear, synonymous with high-quality, serious durability, and innovation in sportswear and footwear technology. 

A great choice for those with wider feet, the Tanjun sandals feature two band straps with an adjustable hook and loop slingback system to ensure a great, comfortable fit. 

The sandals are lined with fabric that helps keep your feet cooler, reducing sweat and therefore a build up of unpleasant odor-causing bacteria. 

The synthetic sole and EVA midsole are extra lightweight which is easier on your feet, as well as being shock-absorbing to break the worst of the impact for your joints and ankles. They’re also great for anyone whose feet might get wet during use, as they don’t end up squelching and soggy and they dry in no time.


  • Adjustable straps for secure fit
  • Lightweight
  • Quick-drying
  • EVA midsole


  • Need to purchase a size up

Best Sandals for Flat-Feet Women Buying Guide

What are flat feet?

Flat feet are exactly what the name suggests - feet that lie flat on the ground as you’re stood up with no noticeable arch raising off the floor. Sometimes attributed to genetics, there are few other obvious causes for flat feet. You may have had arches that have fallen with time, or, as Lady Gaga once sang: baby, you were born this way.

People with flat feet tend to experience more foot or heel pain, which can lead to increasing discomfort, overpronation, and potential joint problems, especially if you’re someone who’s on your feet all day. Hence why it’s so important to consider the support, comfort, and stability your shoes will provide when buying new sandals.

How to choose the best style of shoe for flat feet?

Although everyone is different with individual needs when it comes to their feet, women with flat feet should generally look for wide-fitting shoes that don’t pinch or narrow towards the toes. 

There is a spectrum of flat-footedness that ranges from rigid to flexible, and the way to know which one best describes your feet is by how flat they are when you’re sitting. If your feet are flat when sitting the same way they are when standing then you have rigid flat feet that require insoles with a lower arch. If you see an arch in your foot when sitting then you have flexible flat feet, which require insoles with medium arch support. 

You can also purchase separate specialized insoles designed to line the inside of your shoe for extra support underneath your foot. 

EVA, Rubber, Leather, or PU - which is the perfect sole-mate for you?

You’ve probably heard the phrase: “it’s what’s inside your soul that counts”, and well, the same can be said for shoes. The sole is arguably the most important part of a shoe, as this is what provides the majority of support and comfort for your feet.

Without it, there’d be practically nothing between you and the road’s surface! The insole, midsole, and outsole all make up the main parts of the sole, and each can be made using different materials. 


To get into the technical terms, EVA stands for Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate, which is an elastomeric polymer that produces non-toxic materials. More simply put, this is what creates the rubbery, flexible material that can be used to make the sole of your shoe more comfortable. 

Commonly used in athletic footwear, is has excellent shock-absorbing properties that cushion your feet as you walk to protect your ankles and joints, as well as being lightweight as you move. 

However, the drawback to using EVA soles is that they have a shorter lifespan than materials such as rubber, and after extended time and compression they can feel flat which is less beneficial. 


Although it’s not as lightweight as EVA, rubber is a much more durable choice, and there are multiple variants that suit different purposes. 

Environmental rubber, for example, is manufactured using recyclable material and has at least 10 percent of recovered rubber. Sticky rubber is extremely felxible and is slip-resistant which is ideal for indoor athetic footwear, whereas carbon rubber is highly resistant to wear and tear. 

However, the extra weight could be an added strain on your feet if you’re already suffering with flat-foot related problems, although the waterproof properties of rubber will keep your feet warm and dry which is perfect for beach walks.


There are some misconceptions regarding leather as a hardened, uncomfortable material unsuited to the cusiony support needed by people with flat feet. 

In fact, leather soles can mold to the shape of the natural contors of your feet making them especially comfortable, particularly when combined with cork. However, the construction and style of shoe will determine the level of comfort. 


Polyurethane (PU) is an increasingly popular choice in footwear manufacturing due to being comfortable, flexible, and easy-to-wear. PU is also a durable material which is chemical resistant as well as being environmentally friendly. 

Soles made from PU help to prevent slipping and, like EVA, has great shock-absorbing capabilities to provide extra comfort and protect your joints against future aches and pains. It is widely used in a variety of shoe styles, including sports shoes and sandals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are flat sandals bad for your feet?

The flatter the soles of your shoes, the less protection and arch support they provide for your feet. For people with flat feet this support is essential to reducing discomfort, so flat sandals could worsen any health problems. 

Can flat feet affect balance?

Yes, having flat feet can affect your balance if they’re providing inadequate support, which can lead to joint problems in the feet, ankles, knees, and hips. 

How can I relieve flat-feet discomfort?

The best way to deal with pain caused by flat-feet is to try and avoid it through proper footwear and limited time standing, and if you’re frequently experiencing foot pain you should always consult your doctor.

If you are experiencing some discomfort you can stretch your hamstrings to keep your muscles loose or use the tennis ball technique, which involves rolling the soles of your feet back and forth on a tennis ball to release tension.

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