The 5 Best Shoe Insoles of 2020

It’s fairly common to experience discomfort after buying a new pair of shoes. While most problems fade gradually after wearing them in, some linger around. And make it harder to perform daily activities.

But don’t throw your shoes just yet, purchasing new insoles can ease the pain and take comfort to a whole new level.

I do appreciate walking in comfortable and elegant shoes, so I’ve done the research, and came up with the 5 best shoe insoles currently on the market.

We’ll take a closer look at the material of each pair, how well it performs, and what are the possible shortcomings.

Top 5 Best Shoe Insoles


Powerstep unisex adult Powerstep Original Orthotics Insole, Blue/Black, Men s 9-9.5 Women 11-11.5 US


With a durable EVA-foam base, these insoles from Powerstep might be your ultimate choice. Whether you’re intensely running or standing in an 8-hour job, the EVA sole provides the right amount of shock absorption and cushioning.

But when it comes to my favorite feature, it’s undoubtedly the thickness. These insoles are only 0.7” thick over the heels and much thinner around the forefoot. This gives you the freedom to use them on any pair you own, casual, athletic, formal, you name it.

The comfiness of these insoles is boosted even more by the cradle shape they feature around the heel area. You’ll feel a notable difference in the stability after experiencing this design.


  • Ultra-thin profile
  • EVA-foam base
  • Fairly priced


  • Many users complained from disapproved returns


Superfeet Unisex-Adult Green Professional-Grade High Arch Orthotic Shoe Inserts for Maximum Support Insole, 2.5-5 Men / 4.5-6 Women


Superfeet is a well-established brand in footwear since 1977. They made these insoles specifically for people with high arches.

When you hold these insoles, you’ll instantly notice how Superfeet cleverly sculpted the shape to accommodate the high arch. They made the heel cup deep and wide, then balanced it with a high midfoot. The highest part of these insoles measures around 2” in thickness and 5” in width.

The only notable tradeoff is the price. It’s true that they’re a bit expensive when compared to other insoles, but their quality guarantees the most bang for your buck.


  • Relieves high-arch pain
  • Deep and wide around the heel
  • High around the midfoot


  • A bit expensive


Spenco Polysorb Cross Trainer Athletic Cushioning Arch Support Shoe Insoles, Women's 9-10.5/Men's 8-9.5


With the minimal arch support featured in these insoles, people with low to medium arches will find it incredibly comfortable.

Spenco used EVA foam for the main bulk of these insoles. This provides an unmatched cushioning to relieve the flat feet pain. To make it even comfier, they placed an additional polyurethane layer under the heel that also functions as a sweat absorbent.

Best of all, your feet will directly sit atop an antimicrobial lining. This is important to fight bad odor and subsequent blistering.


  • Flexible EVA foam
  • High shock absorption
  • Fairly-priced


  • Some people may find it too squishy


Sof Sole Men's 11-12.5 Insert, Blue


Sof Sole has designed this insole with high-energy workouts in mind. The first layer that touches your feet is made from a material called ‘Hydrologix’. It’s designed with moisture-wicking technology to make sure sweat doesn’t flood your shoes.

Right after this layer comes the Implus memory foam. It gives your feet the basic cushioning you need for daily exercise, but this isn’t the only benefit. Sof Sole designed this layer with an open-cell structure that aids in permeation and moisture control.

The main bulk of these insoles is provided by a flexible polyurethane base. I like how Sof Sole made it with a neutral arch that makes it suitable for most arch types.

For the last layer, these insoles feature two gel pads placed under the heel and forefoot to provide additional shock absorption.


  • Premium shock absorption by 2 layers
  • Lined by a moisture-wicking layer
  • Designed with a neutral arch


  • Slightly thicker compared to other insoles


VoMii PU Memory Foam Insoles Plantar Fasciitis Arch Support Insoles for Women Men and Kids, Comfortable Breathable Sports Shoe Inserts, Shock Absorption and Relieve Foot Pain, M(Men 6-9/ Women 7-11)


If you’re tight on budget, you might want to take a look at these insoles. VoMii lined them with a high-quality velvet that gives a heavenly-soft feel.

Being affordable doesn’t always mean less quality. These insoles feature the same polyurethane found in more expensive options. Additionally, it’s designed with a u-shape heel cup to properly encircle this area.

Last but not least, the heel area is supported by an additional gel pad to reduce the stress and ease the muscle fatigue commonly found there.

The only thing I don’t appreciate is how it can smell pretty fast. This is mainly due to the absence of a moisture control system. VoMii sufficed with small holes in the polyurethane base, but this is clearly not enough.


  • Soft velvet lining
  • Cushioned with polyurethane
  • U-shape heel cup
  • Affordable


  • Can build up a bad smell

Best Shoe Insoles Buying Guide

What to Consider Before Buying Insoles

Brands try to oversell their shoes by claiming that they fit all your types of activity. In fact, not all insoles lie in this category. Below, we’ll take a look at the available categories of over-the-counter insoles.  

Soft Insoles

The basic type of insoles come as soft, squishy pads that ease your steps by absorbing the shock. EVA soles are one of the most famous materials that serve this function.

Use this type if you have bunions, calluses, hammertoes, or any other similar condition. They can also improve the initial discomfort typically found in new shoes. 

Rigid Insoles

Unlike the soft type, rigid insoles are primarily used to correct gait problems like over-pronation, over-supination, or plantar fasciitis. Insoles of this type are usually made from ABS and rigid polyurethane. 

Semi-Rigid Insoles

As you might’ve assumed, these insoles fall in between the previous types. Use this option if you regularly practice high-impact sports like running, tennis, football, etc.

Combined EVA and polyurethane are among the ideal designs that deliver this function. 

The Verdict

I hope my article answered your questions on this subject. In my opinion, Powerstep Orthotic Shoe Insoles are the best shoe insoles as of 2020. Their super-thin profile makes them suitable for any shoes in your closet.

If you’re suffering from high arches, consider Superfeet Green Insoles. They’re carefully sculpted with a deep heel and a high midfoot to ease your gait.

Lastly, if you can’t find a pair that fits, maybe you should visit a podiatrist. Above all, never ignore your feet pain, it’s the way your body tells you that something is wrong.

It’s said that the comfort of the body starts with the feet. Well, I totally believe that!

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