Best Shoes for Delivery Drivers

As a delivery driver, you are exposed to the elements.

On nice sunny days, this might not be so bad, but on rainy miserable days, you want shoes that will keep your feet dry. 

Not only are you exposed to the elements, but you also spend a considerable amount of time on your feet.

Not just walking, but transporting heavy goods and traveling great distances. That’s why every seasoned delivery driver knows the importance of a good pair of shoes. 

But with so many different brands, makes, and models available it can be difficult to know which is the best for you.

Look no further, because we’ve put together this handy guide to the best shoes for delivery drivers, packed full of all the information you need to know to keep your feet warm and dry while you battle the elements in your day job. 

In a hurry?

If you are a delivery driver who desperately needs a pair of shoes to replace your old ones, or you’re new to the job, you should choose the Under Armour Men’s Stellar Tac Waterproof boots.

Of all the different shoes available, we’ve ranked these the best because they’re packed with amazing features, including:

  • They are available in size 8 through to 14. 
  • They have a leather and textile build with a rubber sole for added comfort. 
  • They have a waterproof boot liner for added protection against the elements. 
  • They have a high traction rubber lug outsole of protection against bad conditions and stability no matter the weather.


Under Armour Men's Stellar Tac Waterproof Military and Tactical Boot, Black (001)/Black, 12


Our favorite shoes for delivery drivers are the Under Armour Men’s Stellar Tac Waterproof Military Boots.

These boots are only available in the color black but this does mean they will go with a variety of different uniform types. 

The Under Armour boots are available in lots of different sizes, from size 8 through to size 14. They do not have a whole leather design, instead utilizing textiles too as well as a rubber sole for better comfort.

Additionally, the shaft of the boot measures roughly to your ankle giving ample protection to your feet. 

If comfort is what you’re looking for, these boots may be the perfect fit for you as their leather and nylon design provides added comfort to your ankle.

The boots also have a molded EVA midsole for added protection and support.

As well as comfort, these boots also provide excellent protection against the elements with high-traction outsoles and a quick-dry design to ensure your feet do not get wet. 

With all this considered, it’s clear why these are one of the best options on the market. 


  • Available in size 8-14

  • Leather and textile design for comfort

  • Waterproof boot liner

  • High traction outsole for grip 

  • Molded EVA midsole for comfort 

  • Quick-dry design


  • No notable drawbacks 


Timberland Men's White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot,Black,11.5 M US


We also loved the Timberland Men’s white ledge mid waterproof ankle boots.

Whenever you think of work boots, Timberland is one of the manufacturers that immediately spring to mind so this list would not be complete without at least one of their products.

These boots are available in a wider size range than the ones before them, catering for all men size 7 through to 15.

These boots are also available in 5 different color options allowing you to choose your favorite color, or even match your boots with the rest of your work uniform. 

The Timberland boots have a large shaft, measuring approximately 4.75 inches from the arch of your foot.

They are designed to fit in with an outdoor ensemble with a variety of features to protect you from the elements.

From their premium waterproof leather uppers to the seam-sealed waterproof construction and the rust-proof speed lace hardware, these boots are the perfect choice if you’re going to be spending a lot of time out in the rain.

With a rubber sole for added comfort, there’s no doubt that these are one of the best options on the market. 


  • Available in size 7-15

  • 5 different color options 

  • 100% leather build 

  • Lots of different features for waterproofing 

  • Rubber sole for comfort and protection 


  • No notable drawbacks 


Vasque womens Breeze LT Low GTX Gore-Tex Waterproof Breathable, Anthracite/Baltic, 10 M US


The best shoes for female delivery drivers are the Vasque Women’s Breeze Lt Low Goretex hiking shoes.

It can be difficult to find appropriate shoes as a woman as so many ‘outdoor’ shoes are tailored towards men, but there are some great options on the market, you just have to find them.

These shoes by Vasque are available in size 6 through to size 11, catering to women with all different sizes of feet. They are also available in lots of different sizes allowing you to add a splash of color to your uniform, or buy shoes that match the rest of your clothes. 

These shoes are designed to be lightweight without forgetting about traction and waterproofing.

They are designed with waterproof membrane blocks on the interior which prevent moisture from the outside from entering the shoes, but also let the moisture inside evaporate, preventing you from getting sweaty feet.

The shoes also consider your comfort, with synthetic materials and a molded EVA midsole allowing the shoe to sculpt to the shape of your foot.

With great breathability and materials designed for comfort, there’s no question that these are one of the best choices if you’re a female delivery driver. 


  • Available in size 6 through to 11

  • Lots of color choices

  • Exclusively designed for women 

  • Waterproof membrane blocks keep water out but let moisture escape 

  • EVA molded midsole for comfort 


  • No notable drawbacks 


ARIAT Terrain Waterproof Hiking Boot – Men’s Leather Waterproof Outdoor Hiking Boots


Additionally, you should consider the Ariat Men’s Terrain H20 hiking boots.

These boots combine comfort and waterproofing to make an excellent pair of boots for any delivery drivers.

These boots are available in size 7 through to size 14, with wide options available if you have wider feet than average.

They are also available in 3 different colors allowing a certain level of personalization for you as the buyer.

Similarly to the Timberland boots, they are designed with a 100% leather build and a rubber sole for comfort and protection. 

The boots themselves are oiled for waterproofing, and also have a waterproof membrane lining.

For added comfort the boots have a padded collar that sits around your ankle, ensuring the boots do not dig in while you are working.

Additionally, they have a moisture-wicking lining which will soak up any sweat your feet produce, and a gel-cushioned footbed with heel stabilizer for added support for your feet.

With all these wonderful features, these certainly are one of the best options on the market. 


  • Available in size 7 through to 14 with ‘wide’ sizes

  • 3 color options

  • 100% leather design with rubber sole

  • Moisture-wicking lining 

  • Gel-cushioned footbed


  • The interior of the boots are cold so you need warm socks


Skechers Men Relaxed Fit¿: Relment - Pelmo Chukka Boot, Khaki Suede, 14 US


Finally, you should consider the Skechers Men’s relment pelmo chukka waterproof boots.

Despite their designer name, these boots are probably the most basic of the designs on this list, but they are still one of the best options available.

If you want boots available in a wide range of sizes these are a good choice as you can buy them in size 6.5 through to size 14. 

They are the first set of boots on this list which are built of man-made suede rather than a leather design and are also imported to the USA.

As well as their man-made fabric build, these boots also have a synthetic sole which provides great comfort to the arch of your foot.

The sole of the shoe is also lined with memory foam for added comfort while you move.

With a relaxed fit around your foot, and a true to size fit, there’s no doubt that these are one of the best options on the market.


  • Available in size 6.5 through to 14

  • 3 different color options

  • Man-Made suede build 

  • Memory foam sole 

  • True to size fit 


  • The laces are quite weak and may need replacing in the future

Best Shoes for Delivery Drivers Buying Guide

As a delivery driver, there are two main things you look for when buying shoes: comfort and protection against water.

That being said, there are some other things that you should consider before you make a purchase, that you might not immediately think of.

That’s why we’ve put together this helpful buyer’s guide to ensure you think of everything before you buy your next pair of work boots or shoes. 


The first thing you should consider is appearance.

This might not be something which you immediately think of, but as the shoes you wear will be part of your everyday uniform, you must consider their appearance.

Some employers will expect you to wear boots that are a specific color to compliment your uniform, while other employers may give you more freedom with this.

The most common color of boots you will encounter are black, and if you are unsure what color to buy these are always a good option.

Black will go with most uniforms, and will not draw any unwanted attention to your feet, so if you don’t know which color is the best, you should buy a darker color like brown or black. 


You also want to consider the durability of the boots you buy.

As a delivery driver, you will be delivering in a variety of different weathers so you want a pair of boots which will last longer than one trip out in the rain.

Flimsy boots will easily fall apart, so you want to avoid any boots that give this impression.

Ideally, you want to buy a pair of boots that are designed with quality materials and a high level of craftsmanship to ensure you are getting good value for your money. 


Additionally, you want to consider the support that the boots are providing you.

As you deliver, your feet will be under a great amount of strain so you want to buy a pair of boots that will support both your ankles and the arch of your feet throughout the day.

The correct amount of support will depend highly on the shape of your feet. Buying a pair of boots with good arch support will allow you to stand comfortably without pain to your feet or back, and also give you better health.

While good ankle support will help protect you against the most common of active injuries: ankle injuries.

As a delivery driver, you will encounter a lot of curbs and bumps along the road so you want a pair of boots that will protect you against unnecessary injury to your ankles. 


Finally, you want to consider comfort. Not only when you are walking but, if your job includes it, also if you are driving.

For the walking part of the job, you want to look for a pair of boots that offer comfortable insoles.

Some manufacturers will include memory foam insoles which allow the boots to sculpt to your feet, while others will offer moldable EVA material, both are a good idea if comfort is high on your priorities.

You also want to consider the material of the boot. Leather is great at keeping water out, but some leather designs can be incredibly tight and uncomfortable when you are first wearing them.

You also want to consider the sole of the shoe, most companies will use rubber to construct the sole which is a great choice for comfort and protection.

In terms of driving, you want to buy a pair of boots that do not disrupt your ability to do this. Every driver knows that there are some shoes which make driving difficult, which is the last thing you want if driving is part of your job.

You should try and avoid clunky or overly large boots as these are most likely to make driving difficult.

Instead, go for boots that fit well to your feet and look as if they will make driving and walking easier on your feet. 

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