Best Walking Shoes for High Arches

If you are an individual who suffers from high arches in their feet, it is vitally important that you wear shoes that support your feet.

For anybody, walking or standing for long periods puts a lot of strain on their feet, but this is even worse if you have high arches.

If you have high arches, there is already added pressure on your feet so even small amounts of standing and walking can cause discomfort.

That’s why it’s so important that you buy a pair of shoes which will give you comfort throughout the day. 

Finding these shoes isn’t an easy process, and it can be difficult to find the ones that will support your arches the best.

But there’s no need to worry because we’ve put together this guide to the best walking shoes for high arches. It’s packed full of all the information you need to know, with suggestions of what we believe are the best options for you on the market.

So if you have high arches, the best walking shoes for you are just a few clicks away. 

In a hurry?

If you need walking shoes to support your high arches quickly, why not try the Brooks Women’s Ghost 14 Walking Shoes?

We’ve rated these shoes the best on the market because they are packed full of wonderful features that provide essential support to your feet, including:

  • A segmented crash pad under your foot to protect it against the heel-to-toe transition of walking. 
  • A combination of BioMoGo DNA and DNA loft for excellent softness underfoot as you walk. 
  • They are available in a variety of sizes, sizes 5 through to 13 with wide, narrow, and medium width options. 
  • There are lots of different color options, so you can buy your favorite color or ones that suit your day-to-day life best.


Brooks Ghost 13 Black/Blackened Pearl/White 9 D - Wide


Our favorite option on the market is the Brooks Women’s Ghost 13 walking shoes.

These shoes are the first of three on this list which has been specifically designed for women, and they come available in a wide variety of sizes from 5 through to 13.

These shoes also come with width options allowing you to buy wide-fit, narrow-fit, or the average size.

They come available in a wide variety of colors allowing you to choose your favorite and have a lot of cushioning and padding to support your arches.

Additionally, these shoes have segmented crash pads located in the base of the shoe which protect your feet from the continued impact of walking.

With all these great features, it’s clear why we think these are the best option on the market. 


  • Available in size 5-13
  • Wide, medium, and narrow sizes available
  • Lots of color options for personalization
  • High energizing cushioning
  • Segmented crash pads to protect your feet while you walk
  • BioMoGo DNA and DNA loft for underfoot support and comfort 


  • No notable drawbacks 


Orthofeet Proven Plantar Fasciitis, Foot and Heel Pain Relief. Extended Widths. Orthopedic Walking Shoes Diabetic Bunions Women’s Sneakers, Coral Black


We also loved the Orthofeet Women’s orthopedic walking shoes.

These are another shoe that is specifically designed for women, but it comes with slightly fewer size options than its predecessor, available in size 5 up to size 12.

It also has a much more limited color range, giving you 3 options to choose from but can also be bought in a wide, medium, or narrow fit.

These shoes are a great option if you suffer from a few issues concerning your feet.

Not only do they support high arches, but these shoes are designed to support a variety of conditions.

With a therapeutic design and a lightweight build, these shoes ensure your foot is not put under excessive stress and ensures support throughout, making them one of the best options available for high arches. 


  • True to size fit available in size 5-12
  • Available in wide, medium, and narrow sizes
  • 3 color choices to choose from
  • Lightweight ergonomically designed sole
  • Unique therapeutic design
  • Supports lots of conditions, not just high arches


  • These shoes are better suited to normal walking rather than excessive walking


DOUSSPRT Womens Walking Shoes Slip on Sock Sneakers Lady Girls Nurse Mesh Air Cushion Platform Loafers Fashion Casual Black US Size 8.5


Another great option is the DOUSSPRT Women’s walking trainers. This is the final option on this list which is designed for women, and it is available in size 5.5 through to size 11.

Unfortunately, this shoe does not come in wide or narrow, so if you have wide feet it might not be the best option for you.

That being said, these trainers are available in a lot of different color options and have a sleek and stylish slip-on design to ensure they go with any outfit.

The shoe is designed with mesh fabric for breathability and has an additional air cushion sole for comfort and added freshness.

With a perforated arch for added ventilation and a durable outer sole for support, there’s no doubt this is one of the best options on the market. 


  • Lots of different color options
  • Available in size 5.5-11
  • Mesh fabric design with air cushion sole for breathability
  • Slip-on design makes them very easy to use
  • Durable outer sole for added support
  • Perforated arch for ventilation


  • Not available in all half sizes


Skechers Performance Men's Go Walk 4 Incredible Walking Shoe, Black, 7.5 M US


You should also consider the Skechers Men’s Go Walk trainers. These are the first of two pairs of men’s trainers designed for high arches, and we think these are the best if you're a man looking for shoes for this purpose.

The Go Walk trainers are available in size 7 through to 16 and also come available in wide-fit if you have wide feet.

They have a 100% mesh design which makes them excellent for breathability, which is further supported by the lightweight design of the shoe.

As you walk, these shoes will expand with the natural movement of your feet for optimum comfort and support.

They even have extra fabric on the heel of the shoe for support and stabilization of the slip-on design.

So if you’re looking for a stylish pair of trainers that also support your high arches, these might be the pair for you.


  • Available in sizes 7-16
  • Wide size option included
  • 100% mesh design
  • Naturally expands with your foot while you walk
  • Stabilizing heel fabric for pull-on wear
  • Breathable lightweight design


  • No notable drawbacks


Skechers mens fashion sneakers, Navy, 12 X-Wide US


Finally, you shouldn’t ignore the Skechers Men’s After Burn trainers.

As they are by the same brand, these shoes are fairly similar to the Skechers Go Walk range, but they are slightly outperformed by their competitors.

Nevertheless, these are still a great shoe if you have high arches.

These trainers are designed with 100% synthetic and leather materials and are available in size 6.5 through to size 16.

Unlike the Go Walk trainers, these shoes come with a stylish lace-up design, and the tongue of the shoe is built in cushioned mesh for breathability, comfort, and support.

With a padded collar around the heel of the shoe that provides added support and a memory foam insole for extra comfort, these trainers are definitely a good option to consider if you want shoes that support your high arches. 


  • Available in sizes 6.5-16
  • 100% leather and synthetic design
  • Lace-up, stylish design
  • Cushioned mesh tongue
  • Padded collar for heel and ankle support
  • Memory foam insole for comfort 


  • Designed for day-to-day walking not hiking

Best Walking Shoes for High Arches Buying Guide

If you suffer from high arches, finding the perfect pair of shoes can be difficult.

Your feet are already under increased strain so a pair of shoes that provide both support and comfort are essential to prevent pain.

But with so many different types of walking shoes on the market, it can be hard to find the pair that is right for you.

The trainers that we’ve looked at above are some of the best available, but if you’re still not sold we’ve put together this buyer’s guide to aid you in your search.

Read on for all the information you need to know about walking shoes for high arches, and an additional FAQ section to answer any questions you may have. 

Arch Support

If you have high arches in your feet, the main thing that you will want in trainers is support for your arches.

Regular trainers will provide support to your foot as a whole, but if you have high arches you will require extra support specifically in these areas.

Some shoes will advertise themselves as having ‘arch support’, but there are some things that you should specifically look for if you want an arch-supporting trainer.

The first thing is a firm and supportive insole for the shoe to ensure your arch is not exposed to the surface of the ground you are walking on.

Shoes that feature ‘arch support’ may also have an impact absorbing sole or platform beneath the insole to protect your arch from the continual exposure of the toe-to-heel movement of your foot.

Finally, you might find that ‘arch support’ shoes will have extra padding or cushioning around the inside of the shoe to provide comfort to your foot. 

Your Foot

Another thing to consider when buying trainers if you have high arches is your foot. Our feet all come in different sizes so you must buy a shoe that fits.

Most shoes are measured in length as this is the way that sizing works worldwide. However, it is very common for orthopedic shoes to also come with width measurements.

This ensures that the shoe fits perfectly to your foot and surrounds it completely with the cushioning that ‘arch support’ shoes have.

By fitting your foot perfectly, it ensures the area of your foot where the arch rises is continually padded which reduces the strain that your arch is under.

The padding ensures that your body weight is evenly distributed between your whole foot providing relief to the arch and comfort to your whole foot. 

Heel Support

You should also consider the heel support of the shoes.

Even if you do not have high arches, heel support is always a good function to look for in a pair of shoes as it protects your heel and ankles from damage while you are walking.

If you have high arches, your feet are under continual strain so it is likely that the pain will stretch from your arches through to your heels.

It is common for people with high arches to suffer issues with their Achilles tendon as the high arches put it under more strain.

The best shoes for heel support are shoes that have a small lift to the heel. This doesn’t have to be a ‘heel’ in the sense of a high heeled shoe, it can be just a slight lift at the back of the shoe.

This won’t affect your ability to walk but it does relieve the stress that the heel and Achilles tendon are under due to high arches. 

Flexibility and Breathability

Finally, you should consider the breathability and flexibility of the shoe. This isn’t exclusive to shoes for high arches, in fact, this is something you should consider for any foot type.

With high arches, flexibility in shoes does become tricky. You don’t want to buy a pair of shoes that are extremely rigid and stiff, but a shoe that is overly flexible could provide more pain to your high arches.

Breathability is also important to avoid the shoes becoming uncomfortable when you are wearing them for long periods.

Due to the amount of pressure our feet are under, they sweat. It’s something that people try to avoid talking about, but due to the pressure and the stuffy compact nature of our shoes and socks, it isn’t surprising that our feet sweat.

Breathability or some other moisture-wicking capability is important as it allows the sweat to evaporate from within our shoes, and our feet to breathe.

If our feet are cut off from a continual flow of air for lengthy periods, it can cause uncomfortable conditions like Athlete’s Foot to develop so breathability is very important. 

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