Best Work Boots For Flat Feet

Flat feet (or fallen arches, as they’re also known) can be painful and inconvenient if you work in environments that demand you’re on your feet or using them all day long.

Fortunately though, it’s a condition we understand and can mitigate fairly easily, by using the right boots, with special features which give the wearers relief from the symptoms.

But which are the best work boots for your flat feet?

Come play a while in our boot closet, where we’ve lined up some of the best work boots for flat feet – there’ll be something here that will fit you like a glove.

In a hurry? Here’s our top pick.

Best Work Boots For Flat Feet


Carhartt Men's Rugged Flex 6' Comp Toe Construction Shoe, Brown Oil Tanned Leather, 10.5


Carhartt Men’s CMF6366 6 Inch Composite Toe Boots are built to be a combination boot – sturdy and flexible enough to do a day of work, stylish enough to be worn for pleasure too. That versatility is one of the things that lifts them above some of the other boots on our list.

In terms of giving aid to those with flat feet, they have a lifted sole in the middle, to help raise fallen arches and take pressure off them. Lifting the arches gives you a feeling of relief when you put your foot into them. and allows you to do the work day without the pain that would go with them without such arch support. Bolstering the arch support, the CMF6366s have low heels and supportive insoles.

As you’d expect of a boot that can top this list, there’s some proprietary technology in the Carhartts that adds a cleverness to the design. Carhartt’s “Rugged Flex” technology gives you a boot that’s both strong, supportive and yet as flexible – or even, more flexible – than some other boots on the market that don’t help flat feet. It combines strength, arch support, durability and flexibility in a boot that will make flat feet sing a song of relief.

There’s also padding on the tongue and along the inner walls, to cushion your feet throughout the work day, with a little give in the build, so you don’t feel like you’re strapped into concrete shoes.

The uppers here are 100% leather, which means you get a long-lasting, comfortable, flexible boot. And the lacing system, which gives you six eyelets, two lace hooks and four speed lacing hooks, means you can customize your lacing strategy so you get the fit that works best for you and gives your flat feet the most relief.

For the pure practicalities of a work boot, the outsole resists oil, water, and most other potentially boot-eating chemistry you might come into contact with on your average work day. The result of that is that you get a boot which does you good service all day long, but still has the looks to take you home – or out – afterwards.

What Carhartt has delivered in the CMF6366s is a work-forward boot with the strength and flexibility to have a life outside the work day, and which especially helps those with flat feet to compete, day after day. That’s what makes them our top pick for best work boots for flat feet.


  • Raised arch support in the centre of the boot, to relieve flat feet
  • Ortholite insole helps boost the relief for flat feet
  • Composite toe reduces the weight of the boot – good in general, better still for flat feet
  • They’re boots built for heavy duty work, but they have the style to live beyond the work day
  • Technology to increase the flexibility of the boot means they don’t feel like ‘flat feet correction boots,’ just useful, strong, flexible boots


  • The heels of these boots need breaking in – they feel stiff for a while
  • Although the boots come with a rubber sole, the waterproofing on them could do with a boost, so don’t use them for puddle jumping


Timberland PRO Men's Gridworks Moc Soft Toe Waterproof Industrial Boot, Brown, 10.5 M US


Timberland is a highly trusted name in boots, and these wedge-style industrial boots help explain why that’s the case. While delivering a solidly built pair of boots for all-comers, Timberland has packed the Gridworks with enough support for flat feet that they’re a game-changer if you have the condition.

There’s some soft arch support here, for that sigh of relief you give when you sink your flat feet into boots made with an understanding of your needs. But more than that, the shape of the sole itself mitigates against overpronation. Backed by a steel shank in the sole, what you get is a pair of boots that seem to signal “Don’t worry. We’ve got this” from the first time you put them on.

Timberland’s by-now-famous Anti-Fatigue technology is brought to bear in these boots too, adding to the sense of their being boots you can wear all day without having to take breaks from them. While this is not strictly a boost for flat feet, they also come with antimicrobial mesh to cut down on foot odor if you do wear them all day without a break.

The 6.5 inch shank helps correct your positioning and support your ankle. In combination with the arch supports and the sole shape, it helps to distribute the weight on your feet more evenly than flat feet naturally would. Better weight distribution equals fewer pressure points, equals less pain, longer usage of the boot, and happier times all round.

One of the things no-one ever tells you about flat feel is that the pain of them doesn’t stop with the feet. The crushing weight distribution they impose can lead you to have pain in the legs, knees and even hips. By supporting the feet with an elevated arch, the Gridworks boots help minimize all those sources of pain throughout the work day.


  • These are shoes that start helping the minute you put them on
  • Unlike some others, the Timberlands are fully waterproof
  • Steel shank helps support the ankle and re-align the weight distribution
  • Gentle arch support


  • As work boots go, beware of easy scuffing – a surprising fault from Timberland, which makes plenty of adventure boots
  • The laces that come supplied with these boots are a little short for full comfort. Get longer ones to strap yourself comfortably in


Wolverine Men's W04821 Buccaneer Boot, Dark Brown, 10.5 M US


The Wolverine Buccaneer work boot goes out of its way for people with flat feet. A sturdy shank here helps to redistribute the weight, so it’s not all pressing on the already fallen arches, with the resultant pressure points and pain that causes.

The sole itself is pretty sturdy, but it’s raised in the centre to elevate the arches and take the pressure of everything from the feet to the knees. Result? Relief in the arches, relief in the feet, relief in the knees, while the overpronation kept at bay. There’s a medium heel on these boots too for a more natural curve to the arch.

The boots have been thoroughly waterproofed, so they can deal with a hard day in tough working conditions. The joy though is that while they’re waterproof, they’re also breathable, so you don’t end up standing in puddles of your own sweat, with the associated rubbing and abrasion that can bring. A moisture-wicking membrane helps keep you cool and comfortable all day long.

Wolverine’s no slouch when it comes to patented technologies, and the Buccaneer has a handful of those technologies deployed to make working with flat feet easier and pain-free. In particular, the Wolverine Contour Welt construction makes for a boot that’s both sturdy, flexible and supportive.

Only available in a soft toe version, there’s no metal in the boots at all other than the lace hooks. That makes for a lightweight pair of work boots with plenty of relief for your flat feet.

Should you feel the need, they also come with a 30 day money-back guarantee, so you can try the Buccaneers with no fear of being stuck with boots that don’t work with either the demands of your workplace or the needs of your flat feet.


  • These boots are comfortable all day long, from morning to night
  • The toe box is particularly roomy here, adding to the comfort
  • Elevated arch support to redistribute the weight and ease the pain of flat feet
  • These are ‘plug and play’ boots – you don’t need to break them in before going to work in them
  • Removable insole, allowing you to replace it with your own personal orthotics
  • Outsole has a non-slip pattern


  • The insoles here are not all you might expect if you’re used to the likes of Timberlands
  • Watch for scuffing in dusty work environments – they take a scuff easily


Georgia Men's G6274 Mid Calf Boot, Brown, 8 W US


If you have flat feet, the game of finding the work boots that are right for you is almost all down to finding the right arch support.

Georgia knows arch support. Georgia has arch support on speed dial.

Between the arch support it builds into the G6274 work boots and the accompanying comfort system, even severe cases of flat feet can be mitigated, so you can do a day’s work in comfort.

The combination keeps your foot in the right alignment with the rest of your lower body, killing the tendency towards overpronation.

There’s a steel shank for ankle support, while the sole itself is tiled to support and elevate the arches. Again in terms of laces, you can get a customized, personalized fit with eight eyelets and four speed lacing hooks.

By correcting and supporting the fallen arches, the Georgia boots, like some others, help reduce pain, pressure and even inflammation all the way up the legs to the knees and hips.

The Georgia G6274s are extremely comfortable boots, with a padded tongue and cushioned insoles. They give outstanding support and help reduce the impact of your flat feet day in, day out. And they’re excellent as work boots, built for heavy duty work and flexible enough to let you move as you need to. Soft toed, rather than steel toed, they’re not suitable for any work where the likelihood of you dropping some bone-crushing burden on your toes is high.

But for everything else, the Georgia G6274s will serve you – and your flat feel – extremely well. It’s worth noting that there are variants of these boots for men, for women and even for children, so the whole family can get down to work in the Georgia boots. That’s particularly important because of course, it’s not only men who need work boots, and it’s not only men who have flat feet.


  • The arch support and steel shank are a dream come true for flat feet
  • With a padded tongue and cushioned insoles, these are very comfortable boots
  • Will stand up well to heavy duty work, though the toe is soft, rather than steel


  • Unlike some others on our list, you’ll need to break these boots in before you work a day in them


Timberland PRO Women's 55398 Titan 6' Soft-Toe Boot,Brown,8.5 M


The Timberland Titans are available for both men and women, and are designed to offer significant protection from the rigors of a work day, while like all Timberlands, giving a certain style to the process.

There’s no disguising the fact that the Titans are probably the least outright flat feet-friendly work boots on our list (hence their position in that list). That said though, the Timberland Powerlift system in the Titans helps lift the arch and mitigate the pain of flat feet.

Coupled with a boot designed for comfort with multiple protective layers and highly cushioned – bot for support and softness of feel – they’re still an impressive boot choice if you’re looking for work boots for flat feet. The Powerlift system, like many in other boots on our list, not only elevates the arch and supports it, it helps with weight distribution and pain relief.

As such, while there are better long term work boots on our list for those who suffer from flat feet, the Timberland Titans are still worth a look. They’re especially worth a second look if you also intend to use them in non-work situations, which their style makes entirely possible.


  • The Powerfit system gives arch support and better weight distribution, relieving the pain of flat feet
  • Comfortable design, with layers of protection and padding for feet
  • Timberland style makes these boots suitable for general as well as work use


  • As with many on the list, the soft toe means these are not suitable for work where heavy lifting might result in items being dropped on the feet

Best Work Boots For Flat Feet Buying Guide

When you’re looking for a great pair of work boots, and you have flat feet, you’re looking at a combination of factors in the same product. As such, there are a handful of things you need to be sure your boots have, and deliver to you, before they’re worth clicking the ‘Buy’ button on.

Arch Angels

One of the biggest ways to help the pain and discomfort of flat feet is through arch support. That raises the sole of the shoe, and raises the fallen arches with it. As such, it helps redistribute the weight on the foot, takes the pressure off the fallen arches and eases the pain of flat feet.

If your work boots don’t have arch support, they’re not worth getting if you have flat feet.

Walking On Clouds

The degree of cushioning in a work boot can make a world of difference to workers with flat feet. The simple act of cushioning the inner surfaces of the boot, along with allowing the wearer to adjust the laces for their own customized fit, can help push the foot into the right position to alleviate the pain, while protecting the foot and keeping it cushioned.

Check out the level of cushioning before you buy your boots.

Shank You Very Much

Get boots with a pronounced shank. Whether it’s made of steel or not, get boots with a shank.

The shank helps support the ankle, and aids the arch support in positioning the foot correctly to spread the weight and minimize the pain. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a work boot especially useful for flat feet?

Arch support, which elevates the arch, coupled with a shank to help position the foot correctly and redistribute the weight.

How important is waterproofing in a work boot for flat feet?

That depends on the environment in which you work. Many workers won’t come into contact with especially wet environments in their work day.

But if you do, then waterproofing becomes a must-have element in your work boot.

Which is more important, aiding flat feet or delivering a solid work boot?

The two are in no way mutually exclusive, but if you have flat feet, anything that helps reduce the pain and discomfort of that condition has to come first.

If you’re working in pain all day, the boot itself can be a thing of wonders – you’ll still be in pain. Focus first on relieving the pain.

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