Best Work Boots For Wide Feet

If you happen to have been born with wider-than-average feet, you might have found shopping for the right fitting work boots to be an absolute nightmare.

When it comes to having the perfect boot for you, you need something that’s not only comfortable and fits snugly to the foot, but that is also durable and safe to maneuver in.

Because having a boot that shifts loosely on the foot can cause you to be unsteady and prove to be a real danger on the work floor.

You’ll also want a work boot that adheres to various types of work surface - whether it be slippery tiles, dry concrete or frosted soil, you’ll want a shoe that digs into any terrain and provides you with a firm grip.

With a wider foot, you might find that most work boots tend to bite and cause sores and blisters around the edge of the foot. Your boots mustn’t cause irritation that will distract you from your work.

But what are the best work boots for wide feet currently on the market? What basic features should a good work boot provide to get you through the tough working day? How much can you be looking to spend on a decent working boot in terms of price?

Well, working men and women of the world unite… and read our list of some of the best work boots for wide feet currently available on the market.

We also have a buyer’s guide that will help you when selecting your next work boot as well as some frequently asked questions.


KEEN Utility Men's Milwaukee 6' Steel Toe Waterproof Work Boot, Dark Earth/Dark Earth, 9 Wide US


Our first pair of work boots are a vintage-style high-ankle model that gives you the utmost protection around the foot and ankle, which will be very important when minimizing the damage caused by falling heavy machinery.

With waterproof full-grain leather and moisture-wicking technologies, this shoe will keep any sized foot completely dry and comfortable - introducing Keen Utility Men’s Milwaukee Work Boot.

So what makes this boot so special for people with wide feet? Well, they come in a range of sizes, either in ‘D’ or ‘E’, with E being the wider option. It also has an asymmetrical design of steel toe cap, allowing you a lot more wriggle room in the toes.

Coming with a dual-density EVA footbed and Hydrophobic 2 zone comfort technology, this shoe is one of the most comfortable on our list.

The insole is made of a breathable mesh material, so it will reduce the buildup of bacteria and moisture on the foot. It is also oil and slip-resistant, making it a reliable boot on the inside and out.


  • This work boot conforms to national safety standards, so you can be certain of sturdy, up-to-the-ankle protection. Made from rubber, full-grain leather and steel composite, this is one of the hardiest boots you can buy.
  • The inside of the boot is very accommodating for a whole range of foot sizes - the softer interior will also reduce the risk of sores and rubbing that may prove dangerous distractions.
  • This boot is waterproof and comes with a breathable membrane on the inside.
  • The outside comes in a range of subtle colors from dark brown to black, resulting in a shoe that will blend in with most work apparel.


  • Some users have claimed that the break-in period of the boot is longer than average, possibly owing to the sturdy construction materials.


Wolverine Men's Harrison W04904 Work Boot,Brown Leather,9 M US


Our next boot comes from a very popular brand of shoemaker, offering those who work in heavy industries a full foot coverage, with a 6.5-inch ankle shaft and a 1.5 inch heel.

Coming in an extra-wide option, this will cradle even the biggest feet, giving you a comfortable and reliable piece of workwear - introducing Wolverine Men’s Harrison Work Boot.

This shoe has a ventilated mesh and PK-mesh inlining, which reduces the risk of blisters that can severely impede a working day.

It also has a polyurethane footbed and single-density polyurethane midsole, giving you that extra protection in the areas most vulnerable to piercing and crushing.

The rubber and leather body of these boots are resistant to water, chemicals, oils, heat and piercing, making them a great all-round boot for workers who can be expected to tackle a wide variety of terrains and materials.

If you are moving from outdoors to indoors regularly, this is a great boot to have.


  • These boots are made from some of the most durable and resilient materials you can find. The leather, polyurethane and rubber composite makes for a boot that will last you months, perhaps years under intense pressures.
  • Perfect for wide feet - the E size of this boot is specifically designed for wider feet. The inner mesh is also very breathable, which will reduce sores and infection from rubbing.
  • The outer portion of the shoe is resistant to most corrosive materials, which will reduce the risk of worrying about foot damage.


  • These boots aren't as well insulated as others on this list, which might be an issue if you’re expecting to work in sub-zero temperatures.


Timberland PRO Men's Pitboss 6' Steel-Toe Boot, Brown , 10.5 D - Medium


Our next boot comes from the familiar bootmaker Timberland, known for manufacturing high quality durable outdoor and workwear.

This is a soft toe boot, but it does it’s best to protect the foot from all sides, with oil-grained leather and rubber sole that provides a certified level of workplace safety - introducing Timberland Pro Men’s 6-Inch Boss Work Boot.

The one main plus point of this shoe is the comfort on the inside. It has a cushioned sole and a padded collar, which will avoid the irritating rubbing around the ankle area.

These boots also come in some of the widest sizes we’ve seen, so if you do have a larger foot, we recommend going for the E class.

This is also one of the more affordable pairs of boots you can get. You can remove the insole of this shoe and replace it with a fresh one, again, reducing the likelihood of infection and blisters.


  • This is probably one of the most resilient soft toed boots currently on the market. This is perfect for those workers who don’t want a lower price to compromise on their safety.
  • The oil-grained leather exterior is waterproof and the rubber sole will absorb the hardest of piercings. This is great for anyone who works in the fishing industry or other workplaces that experience severe fluctuating weather conditions.
  • The price - these boots are extremely affordable, perfect for a first-day pair of work boots that you don’t expect to get too beat up.
  • Great for wider feet - again, these boots come in the very accommodating E size, meaning you can have plenty of room for toe-spreading while on the job.


  • This boot has not been officially classified as waterproof, which might deter people who want that guarantee that their boots won’t take on water in wet conditions.


Rocky Men's Mobilite Six Inch Steel Toe Work Boot,Brown,11 W US


Our final boot is slightly off-brand, but sometimes it’s important to come away from the beaten track when looking for the perfect work boot.

The toe box in this work boot comes in a slightly oblique shape, so you can expect a lot more room in the areas that tend to pinch and cause irritation.

This boot comes very well rated and wide footed folks should check them out - introducing Rocky Men’s Mobilite Work Boot.

The body of this boot is largely made from real leather, with a rubber sole that is resistant to water and abrasions.

It is also very lightweight, so you won’t find your foot being dragged down by too many unnecessary materials. This is important to having flexibility and movement in the leg when at work.

The wider toe box gives you a lot of wriggle room. It also has a high degree of traction on the sole, which will be very important to workers who are expecting to see slippery surfaces.


  • The E size of these boots are tailored especially for workers with wider feet and offers these people plenty of room on the inside.
  • The comfortable insole is breathable and will reduce the level of moisture that can make the foot damp and breed infections. The spacious toe box results in a work boot that feels both roomy and molded to the foot.
  • The outside of the boot is oil and water-resistant, making it ideal for anyone working outdoors.
  • The price - this is one of the more affordable boots on this list, perfect for people who might not be working with heavy machinery and don’t want to break the bank on a shoe with too many state-of-the-art features.


  • The larger sizes of this shoe can get very expensive, which will certainly make larger footed people feel like they’re being slightly discriminated against.

Best Work Boots For Wide Feet Buying Guide

Decent work boots can make all the difference between your workday being a breeze or a living hell.

Imagine spending 12+ hours doing back-breaking work with feet that feel damp or have a persistent rubbing sore. It will be important to have something that is flexible as well as durable.

Just because your feet are wider, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be offered the same protection as some of the other sizes.

Whether you have wide or narrow feet, here are some of the essentials that most work boots should offer you in terms of fit, comfort and protection.

Do They Have Wide Fit Features?

When shopping for work boots, especially online, you might be mistaken into thinking that the larger sizes of work boots will also be the widest.

However, you have to make sure that the manufacturer has stated specifically that this is designed for the wider foot.

As mentioned above, some of the work boots have strict demarcations for narrow and wide boots. 15D will be a regular-sized boot, whereas 15E will be adapted for a wider foot.

How Comfortable Durable Are Your Boots?

When it comes to a work boot, you’ll be wanting something that you can wear for up to 12+ hours a day.

You’ll want a shoe with moisture-wicking technologies and a breathable mesh to avoid infections.

How Durable Are Your Boots?

Durable materials are also crucial for a boot that you can count on in the workplace.

Work boots are commonly manufactured from materials like leather, rubber and polyurethane, as they are resistant to water, chemicals, oils and punctures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Better To Have A Steel Toe Cap?

Steel toe caps give you that industrial-level of protection and should be considered if you are working with heavy machinery.

If some heavy machinery does catch your foot, having a steel toe cap will reduce the severity of nerve damage and amputation.

Softer toe caps should be reserved for light work or general outdoor work. These boots are also generally less expensive than steel toe caps.

Both steel and soft toe boots are combined with leather, rubber and polyurethane to construct a shoe that is both resilient to extreme conditions and flexible.

You’ll want a shoe that molds comfortably to the shape of your foot to avoid rubbing and sores.

How Can You Make Sure Your Boots Are Wide Enough?

Take a tape measure and measure the width of your feet. You can then check this with the product description on your work boot before purchasing.

Remember: often the boot size won’t be an accurate indicator of the boot width. A lot of these boots are specially marked with a wider size, so make sure you have the wider marker in your boot.

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