A Complete Review on Best Climbing Shoes

Ready for an adventure? Do you enjoy climbing rocks?

What do you need for a safe adventure? What are the things you need to take with you during the climbing activities? Have you noted down everything that you need for your trip?

If no, do it now. Coming to safety, What will happen if you have chosen a wrong climbing shoe for your foot?

A perfect fit climbing shoe for your foot is mandatory. But how will you know your selection of climbing shoes are perfect for you? What type of climbing shoes do you need to get for your activities?

You know they are expensive and also difficult to get a one that suits you cent percent.

Do not panic! I have collected few best brands of climbing shoes that are suitable for each activity from various climbing professionals and other related fatalities.

Apart from that, these best collections of climbing shoes are suitable for climbing the different range of terrains and for other activities like Bouldering, Crack Climbing, Sports climbing, indoors, any type of granites, sandstone and many places.

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Top 10 Best Climbing Shoes


La Sportiva Men's TarantuLace Performance Rock Climbing Shoe, Kiwi/Grey, 43.5 M EU

Few Words about La Sportiva:

La Sportiva is producing best outdoor products for their customers. They Have their headquarters in Italy and they produce well-equipped shoes for different types of adventures for men and women.

Since 1928 they are into the field of producing tremendous products like climbing shoes, technical outdoor clothing, trail running shoes, hiking shoes and much more for their consumers.

Tarantulace Climbing Shoe Product Review

This tarantulace climbing shoes which are in asymmetric shape are made of unlined leather with many advanced features and specifications resulting in the multi-lingual performance.

Are you getting reading for an upper-end performance (or) you are a gym climber (or) an outdoor climber? Then Tarantulace Climbing Shoe is the right choice. By choosing this you can easily perform without any hurt in your toes.

What about the type of leather they are using? Its synthetic and they are soft in nature. It fits perfectly for the mid-level climbers as the unlined leather is comfortable for the climber.

There is a rubber heel rand that will help you to stand in any type of nook edges. This is durable.

Why Tarantulace Climbing Shoe unique from other Climbing Shoes?

There is lacing harness with your climbing shoe, you can pull it rapidly for the precise fit for the foot. The Frixion rubber compound last longer and they provide you grip for your foot. Moisture management is possible through the lined tongue.

They weigh about 9.30 oz and are available in various sizes from 34 to 48.

Special Feature:

The Frixion rubber compound last longer and they provide you grip for your foot.

Key features:

  •  leather material,
  •  quick pull lacing harness.


  • durable
  • unlined leather.


Evolv Axiom Climbing Shoe with Free Climbing DVD ($30 Value) (Men's 6.5) Blue/Green

Few Words about Evolv:

Evolv was incorporated in 2003, a US-based footwear company that shines in the market for their performance climbing and for producing the best outdoor footwear for their consumers.

This is one of the top rock climbing shoe company in the globe and most of the athletes and sportsmen prefer Evolv for their adventure or for sports activities.

Axiom Climbing Shoe Review

This is one of the perfect climbing shoes from small mountain area terrain to the nook pitches at red rocks. This will help you in any difficult climbs, cracks, slabby sections etc.

The leather in this type of climbing shoe is made in a way it gives special comfort for the foot and makes the adventurer breathe easily. There is a synthetic leather above the heel which gives support for the climber to take his steps carefully.

There is a VTR rand in the climbing shoe helps for the shoe to last longer. Added to the VTR rand there is an extra rand attached to the climbing shoe in the arch which helps the climber to move with his steps tension free. He will be able to cross any technical edges easily through this Axiom Climbing Shoe.

What Makes Axiom Climbing Shoe unique from other climbing shoes?

Axiom Climbing shoe which is asymmetric in shape has a low and flat surface which has undergone many standards makes the axion climbing shoe unique from other climbing shoes.

What will happen due to the standard asymmetric curvature? The climber will be able to face any type of climbs, slabby sections, cracks etc without any difficulties and hesitations.

Apart from that, there is trax rubber sole which provides the high friction for the climbing shoes. The tongue lock system is an added advantage. 4.2 mm of trax high friction rubber sole.

The company is providing free climbing DVD with this climbing shoe. Grab it soon.

Special Feature:

there is trax rubber sole which provides the high friction for the climbing shoes.

Key features:

  • leather-and-rubber,
  • Unique Tongue Lock System.


  • non-aggressive,
  • ease of use.


  • Size not suitable for all.


CLIMB X Rockmaster Climbing Shoe with Climbing DVD, Men's US 10 Grey

Few Words About CLIMB X:

CLIMB X is famous for their strong and durable climbing shoes. Each and every product from them is unique and have some innovative designs on their products.

They develop and provide gear for the all over companies in the world for more than 10 years. All their products are optimized based on the safety and durability of the products.

Rockmaster Climbing Shoe Review:

As a sportsman or climber, you might have known the importance of Rock Master. They are the perfect fit for all different types of lace up all around.

Most of the sportsman professionals and climbers choose this rock master for the comfort and performance of the climbing shoe. The lace closure from Rockmaster makes a perfect fit for your foot.

Why Rockmaster Climbing Shoe unique from other climbing Shoes?

Durability and safety are the most considered ones when you get a climbing shoe for your adventure. This is cent percent effective in Rockmasters. The material used in the climbing shoe makes the climber feel the comfort and this high-grade leather makes the climber feel the safety when he is climbing over any edges.

The dual pull tab is another unique feature in Rockmaster climbing shoe. Padded ankle cuff makes the foot soft for the climbers to climb the mountain or any other scary areas. There is an organic hemp foot beds in all different types of climbing shoes which make the climbers feel fresh.

Special Feature:

Padded ankle cuff makes the foot soft for the climbers to climb the mountain or any other scary areas.

Key features:

  • 3 D molded hook,
  • organic hemp foot beds.


  • padded ankle cuff,
  • rubber sole.


  • Grippy.


Scarpa Men's Helix Climbing Shoe,Smoke,45 EU/11.5 M US

Few Words about Scarpa:

SCARPA derived as Societa Calzaturiera Asolana Riunita Pedemontana Anonima is a family owned company which have their headquarters in Northern Italy. It was established in 1938.

This is one of the performance footwear manufacturing company that provides effective footwears for the climbers and sportsman. This was founded in Asolo which is located in the montebelluna region of northern Italy. Their mission was to showcase all of the top picks shoemakers to produce the effective footwears for the consumers.

Helix Climbing Shoe Review:

If you need the best and all time classic shoes, then you have to choose SCARPA Helix without any doubts. Popular shoe in the market due to their features and specifications. This has a low and flat profile which helps for the symmetric footprints over the edges or any hard locations for the climbers.

There is a padded tongue which gives comfort for the climber to climb any type of area. Along with that, you can also find a heel cup which can be the best fit for the climber.

What makes Helix Climbing Shoe unique from other climbing shoes?

The advanced feature of Vibram XS edge rubber makes this unique and different from any other climbing shoes. They are best due to the adjustable lace that runs down and towards the toe. Suede for upper and Flex 1.4mm as the midsole. It weighs about 200g and fits for different sizes (34.5 to 42).

Special Feature:

It weighs about 200g and fits sizes from 34.5 to 42.

Key features:

+ Flexan midsole,

+ Suede.


+ easy on heel pull,

+ comfortable.


+ Small size.


Mad Rock Drifter Climbing Shoe - Grey 12

Few Words about MAD ROCk:

MAD ROCK was established in 2002 as a small retailer with few footwears. At present, they have grown as one of the top 10 best climbing shoe producers in the world. Their products are innovative, technical and affordable.

Their mission is to produce different types of climbing shoes and footwear that varies is each and every feature. They meet the innovative challenge every day by considering safety as the motto. Latest materials and technology are involved in producing a product.

Drifter Climbing Shoe Review:

Choose this shoe if you need to climb over the stabby areas, face any type of crackers in climbing areas. Have a great value due to the V15 drifting position. The padding in the climbing shoe makes the climber feel the comfort while climbing the rocks or terrain. This is also suitable for the gym climbers or sportsman.

The material in the climbing shoe is made soft and the organic one makes the fresh feel for the foot. This will also help climbers to avoid any breathing difficulties.

Why Drifter Climbing shoe unique from other climbing shoes?

Their unique specification showcase them different from other climbing shoes, they have a 2strap closure which ensures safety for the climbers with fittable stiffness in the shoe. This can be used for all around activities as they are asymmetric in shape.

The material used in the upper shoe is the premium leather whereas its polyester for the footbed material to feel the comfort.

Compressed polyester is used in the midsole which is of 1.8 mm thick for the standard effectiveness of the climbing shoe. They weigh about 223 g which is less in weight so that the climber own feel the weight in the foot.

Special Feature:

This is suitable for the gym climbers or sportsman.

Key features:

  • Leather material,
  • Velcro straps.


  • easy to wear,
  • good grip.


  • Uncomfortable with its size.


Five Ten Men's Anasazi Lace Climbing Shoe,The Pink,4 D US

Few Words about FIVE TEN:

An American retailer of athletic and outdoor footwear was established in 1985 by Charles Cole. Its one of the top 10 selling climbing shoe retailers around the globe. Their specialty is the ultra high performance of the climbing shoes which offer a fine grip to the climbers in any type of nastiest boulder climbs.

Anasazi Climbing Shoe Review:

Are you finding difficulty in choosing the show with grip? Then undoubtedly you can go with Anasazi Climbing shoe from FIVE TEEN.

The profile shape is flat, asymmetric and moderate on shoes that help for the effective performance of the climbing shoes and to avoid any boulder problems in nasty areas. As the Anasazi midsole has the strong edge performance the climbers can cent percent climb any stabby areas without fear.

What makes Anasazi Climbing Shoe is unique from other climbing shoes?

The Cordura which is placed in the upper shoe which lasts long give a comfort and glove like fit for all climbers. This makes the climbers feel the safety when they are climbing the stabby terrains and mountains.

The padded tongue enhances comfort for the climbers as it has the hook and loop straps attached to it. Onyxx rubber fixed in the climbing shoe is responsible for the climbers edging performances.

This is perfect is you are interested in climbing trad climbs in the stabby areas or slabby places. Excellent smearing shoe for the climbers, gym climbers, and sportsman.

Special Feature:

Onyxx rubber fixed in the climbing shoe is responsible for the climbers edging performances.

Key features:

  • Lined cordura upper,
  • stealth C4 rubber outsole.


  • polyester material,
  • smooth to wear.


  • No specific cons.


BUTORA Unisex Acro Wide Fit Climbing Shoe, Orange, 11.5 Men

Few Words about Butora:

Butora Inc was incorporated in 2014 by Nam Hee Do, started a simple designing shoe. The main things focussed on the company was the design and quality of the product.

Mr. Nam then started with a new brand and delivered the first Butora show in 2014. Then it was Acro in 2015. Again it was renamed by Rock and ice as “the best new climbing shoe of 2016”.

Now you can checkout various styles in Butora with many advanced features like lace up, white-soled markless rental, children’s shoes, climbing shoes and much more. Each one has a different purpose and can be used in different areas.

Acro Wide Fit Climbing Shoe Review:

If you need to select a natural choice for your foot then you can try out Acro Wide Fit Climbing Shoes. It has a super sharp downturn and the softness is compared to the sensitiveness of a baby.

High-performance spectrum is achieved by the Acro for this particular product. The lacers used in the shoe is precise on the foot placements and the pockets. The sock lining inside the climbing shoe provides the comfort for the climber to climb any type of terrain areas.

Why Acro fit Climbing Shoe unique from other climbing shoes?

There is a single strap closure system in the ankle which provides the feel of perfectly fit and the rubber strip on the top of the shoe makes the more confidence for the climbers on climbing stabby places.

There is a patch of rubber over the toe which is a great pro for this climbing shoe. The velcro on the strap provides the grip helps in the range of different foot volumes of the climbers. This is highly durable and they weigh about 1.8 pounds.

Special Feature:

The velcro on the strap provides the grip helps in the range of different foot volumes of the climbers.

Key features:

  • high-tensioned heel rand ,
  • soft synthetic and natural leather.


  • for steep sport climbing,
  • flexible.


  • No major cons.


Tenaya Masai Unisex Rock Climbing Shoe, 9.5 Women/8.5 Men

Few Words about Tenaya:

A Spanish company which was established in 1997 by Jose Luis Garcia Gallego along with the family of the businessman. As the family members were climbers, to ensure the safety of them he started developing climbing shoes.

When he was twelve he introduced the first ascent of a new route. Now Tenaya is one of the popular footwear and climbing shoe company all around the world, this was completely dedicated for the climbers and he produced excellent shoes with innovative design, safety and high quality.

Maasi Climbing Shoe Review:

Are you going to travel along the smears, micro edges, shallow pockets, nasty terrains, stabby places and similar adventures? Then definitely you have to choose Maasi climbing shoe from Tenaya.

The shoelace provides the security for the climber and suits as a precise fit for you. The micro fiber present in the top of the shoe is enclosed with a TXT treated cotton lining so that the climbers need not stretch more for climbing.

What Makes  Maasi Climbing Shoes Unique from other climbing shoes?

The moderate shape of the shoe and the subtle down turn give a special support to the toe when climbing through the edges without the feel you are traveling around a nasty stable area. The rubber which is of Vibram XS allows you to cross the edges and nasty places with confidence.

The synthetic leather is too soft so that climbers can feel the comfort during the climb. They weigh about 1.6 pounds and long lasting.

Special Feature:

Vibram XS allows you to cross the edges and nasty places with confidence.

Key features:

SXR Dynamics Technology,

Full Cotton Liner.


Asymmetrical Last,

bright color.




Muckster ll Men's Rubber Garden Shoes,black,10 US

Few Words about Muck Boot:

Muck Boot company was started in 1999 made small numbers of footwears for every age and sportsman. After few years they started to popularize as their climbing shoes and footwears were durable, with good quality and comfortable for everyone. They again started to develop waterproof quality and durable footwears which were a huge success of them.

Muckster Lo Low Climbing Shoe Review:

This was designed to used for all purposes. It provides the good fit for everyone as they are adjustable. Very light in weight so it keeps your feet warm and dry and easy to climb. The rubber pad in the shoe will keep your foot safe from any cracks or other issues. They are imported so that you can get them as assured.

Why muckster Lo Low Climbing Shoe Unique from other climbing shoes?

Durability, all purpose use, excellent design, and quality makes the product unique from other climbing shoes. When compared to other brands they are less expensive too. 4mm CR-Flex- foam for keeping you safe during the climb.

There is a self-cleaning outsole in the shoe so that you can wash after your adventure completion. The weight of this shoe is just 1 pounds, this climbing shoe is mostly preferred for women.

Special Feature:

4mm CR-Flex- foam for keeping you safe during the climb.

Key features:

  • 4mm CR Flex-Foam,
  • Rubber sole.


  • High Traction Rubber Outsole,
  • covered.


  • Good only for gardening.


Realtree Women's Kendra Climbing Shoe Robin Egg/Xtra Green 9.5 D US

Few Words about Realtree:

Bill Jordan in 1970 started with Kendra climbing shoe as he was having football as his passion, in order to develop a shoe , he tested various quality and design and started as the small company.

Kendra Climbing Shoe review:

This type of shoe was preferred by women. There are accents within the climbing shoes that provide the comfort of being safe when they climb the tree or any other slabby places.

What makes Kendra Climbing shoe is Unique from other climbing shoes?

The camo with the pink accents, breathable uppers, foot beds with foams are the efficient and unique features in Kendra climbing shoe. The rubber traction points on the shoe laces provide the safety for the footing while the climb. The textile is very soft and they are imported. They weigh about 3 pounds and are the light weight lace up shoe.

Special Feature:

The rubber traction points on the shoe laces provide the safety for the footing while the climb.

Key features:

  • Synthetic sole,
  • light weight shoe.


  • very soft,
  • breathable uppers.


  • No color options.

Wrapping Up…

I have put all my efforts on picking the top 10 best brands of climbing shoes and have analyzed the ratings and performance reports from many professionals. Few climbing shoes may be expensive but they are worth the money spent on them.

I assure you like all the top 10 picks of the best climbing shoes. Your ideas and tips for the products are welcome.

If you do have any queries, feel free to ping anytime through the comment section below. Share it along with your family or friend circles who are checking out to buy a climbing shoe for them.

Be safe and enjoy the adventure!

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