Do Suede Shoes Stretch With Wear

The main concern when buying a new pair of shoes is how they will fit. Will they be too tight and not stretch with wear? Will they stretch too much? It is always a worry when you first take home a pair of shoes and they do not seem to stretch at all. Sometimes it can take the material a while to stretch and after a few wears, the shoe will become a lot comfier to wear.

If you have purchased a pair of suede shoes, understandably you will want to know if they will stretch with wear. Perhaps they are currently on the tighter side, or they fit perfectly and you are worried that they will stretch too much.

In this article, we will be discussing whether or not suede shoes stretch with wear, and the steps you can take to help or prevent this from happening.

Will Suede Stretch?

To answer the question in short, yes, suede shoes will stretch with wear. Suede is a type of material that can be quite sturdy, to begin with, but deliberately stretches. It is not only popular for how it looks but because suede shoes are one of the most comfortable shoes you can purchase. Suede is a softer leather that can be easily molded. Given this, over time suede shoes will mold to your feet and provide a fantastically comfortable fit.

The shoes will not stretch an awful lot, but if you are experiencing the usual discomfort of a new pair of shoes, after a week or so, this should improve. If they are a size too small, you will need to purchase the size up as they will not stretch that much. After around a month or two, your suede shoes should have stretched, depending on how long you have been wearing them. If you are not wearing your suede shoes very often, they will take longer to stretch. 

Tips On How To Stretch Suede

If you have been trying to wear your suede shoes in for some time and are still not experiencing any give, there are some steps you can take to help the suede stretch naturally. 

Stretch Spray

Stretch spray is particularly useful and will help your suede shoes to stretch more easily with wear. The stretch spray works by allowing the suede material to stretch out permanently.

This stretch will not be drastic but will provide noticeably more comfort during wear. You will need to spray this onto the shoe before wearing it. Make sure you are wearing them for a few hours after spraying for it to have the maximum effect.

If you would like to purchase a highly popular stretch spray, you can do so via Amazon US here:

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Thick Socks

If you want to save some money but still want to stretch out your suede shoes, why not use the tried and tested method of thick socks? Put on the thickest pair of socks you have, or double up on pairs of socks and wear the shoes throughout the day.

The socks providing less room on the inside of the shoe will help the suede to naturally stretch as you wear them. The great thing about wearing thicker socks with new shoes is that you will be less likely to suffer from blisters too!

Shoe Stretcher

If both of these tips have not stretched the fabric enough, you can use a shoe stretcher, but you will need to exercise much caution while doing this. You want to stretch the shoe ever so slightly, without causing any damage to it.

To use the shoe stretcher you will need to place it inside of the shoe and use the crank to widen the shoe stretcher. You will want to keep the shoe stretcher in the shoe for around twenty-four hours. This will in turn widen them. Please remember not to use this technique on delicate or particularly narrow shoes as they can easily break.

If you would like to purchase a shoe stretcher, you can do so here via this Amazon US link:

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How To Stop Suede Shoes From Stretching Further

In contrast to needing your suede shoes to stretch, you may not want your shoes to stretch further. While it is unlikely that your shoes will stretch too much with wear, over time they may start to become a little looser than you would like. If this is something you are concerned about, there are ways in which you can help to prevent this.

The best thing to do is to spray your suede shoes with a leather softener. This will help the suede to not stretch with wear over time. For the best results, we would recommend applying a leather softener to the outside of your suede shoes every one to two months. 


We hope this article has helped you learn more about whether or not suede shoes stretch with wear. As suede is a softer leather, it will stretch over time. The more you wear the shoes, naturally the more the suede will stretch.

However, the shoes should not stretch to the point where they are too loose to wear. If anything, the more they stretch and mold to your feet, the more comfortable they will become over time. As with any type of shoe, perseverance is needed when they are first worn until they become more comfortable.

Remember that if you do not want them to stretch much, then it is worth using a leather softener on the shoes to help them maintain their shape. However, if you would like them to stretch a little more, you can try to use a stretch spray, thick socks, or a shoe stretcher.

As mentioned above, always exercise caution when using a shoe stretcher and do not use one on narrow, or delicate shoes.

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