La Sportiva Nago Shoe Review

La Sportiva is one of the best Climbing Shoe Brands in the competitive shoe brand market; the Nago La Sportiva Climbing shoe is designed primarily for the climbers who are just beginning with the activity and boulderers.

Designed to be affordable, comfortable and also includes all necessary features that a beginner can easily cope up with.

The shoe is designed to provide the comfort when wearing them during any gym session, sports activity or any other adventures.

Why choose La Sportiva Nago Shoes?

If you have any boulder problems or just a beginner of sport climbing routes, then you can try this shoes for both indoors and outdoor events.

The rubber sole and the high-quality material assures you for the durability of the product; they also function as a crack climbing shoe which is very supportive and comfortable while climbing.

The advanced sports climbers who are looking for the sticky and soft shoe can also make use of the La Sportiva Nago Shoes, you can get the shoes with confidence, and they are more worth for the money, and you will enjoy the climbing shoes as per your need.

La Sportiva Nago Climbing Shoe Review

The weight of the climbing shoe is about 221g and the shoe fit designed in available in medium and tech q asymmetry. The upper part of the shoe is made of synthetic leather, and the dry best is the lining provided by the boots.

La Sportiva Nago Climbing Shoe Buying Guide

The shoe midsole is about 1.1mm, and the sole is about 4mm thick, and they are available between 32 to 43 sizes, comes in attractive sage color.

Performance Analysis

Proceed below to check out the performance of the La Sportiva Nago Shoes in depth.


When compared to other best edging shoes out there, these La Sportiva Nago climbing shoes are lower in performance as they are mostly developed for the beginners. The sole of the shoe is flat, and the toe box is round in shape and therefore a challenging option to get the foot on the right side.

As a beginner, you will find this La Sportiva Nago Shoe to be the best edging shoe as there will not be any problems with small footholds or on the climbing routes, they are well rounded and designed to provide the maximum comfort while wearing it.  

If you are the one who is in between the beginners and advanced climbers, then you can prefer choosing another product Miura VS from the same manufacturer La Sportiva for the extended use. Our professional team has provided 7/10 for the edging performance.


You can use pockets as footholds in this La Sportiva Nago climbing shoes, and the round toe box is not much easier when jamming into the pockets. Overall, the pockets have 7/10 by our professional team.


The best shoe which has the high sensitivity is the La Sportiva Nago shoes; you will feel every feature in your foothold to support and comfort you, they become more sensitive when the rubber wears out.

We would like to provide 9/10 for the sensitivity and prefer to get this if your primary goal feature is the sensitiveness.

Toe/Heel Hooking

The best shoe with good toe hooks and heel hooks for boulderer or for a climber who is at the beginning stage, heel cup of the shoes fits you well, and there are no chances for slipping from your feet during the heel hooking. The heel and toe hooking gets 7 out of 10 for the performance.


Vibram© XS Grip, which is considered to be the best for smearing are designed with rubber for providing the comfort and support.

There are some customer reviews which says that the rubbers wear off and come out which would result in slipping off from your feet and shoes and therefore the performance score for smearing is 6 out of 10.


When compared to the excellent scoring and precise shoes, Nago is not much precisely, but as a boulderer and beginning climber, they would provide forgiving and large footholds.

Best Shoes Rated delivers 7 out of 10 for the precision performance.


The shoes are designed to be jammed into the cracks and also soft, the laces are better when considering the crack climbing. We would like to provide 8/10 for the cracks.

Other Important Considerations of La Sportiva Nago Shoe

Proceed below to check out other few essential things found in the La Sportiva Nago Climbing shoes.


The shoes will provide the comfort as like a climbing shoe and more better than leather tennis shoes, which would be the best shoes for the beginners.

You need not trim the toenails or need not take away the boots while climbing or during other activities.


The shoes just produce a minor stink; the perforated sides will help in reducing the smell and let your feet breathe.


The climbing shoes are developed to hold up correctly, and best for gym climbing, the rubber sole, and high-quality synthetic leather materials ensure the durability of the product with higher performance.


The design is most attractive and also the manufacturer has developed in fascinating teal color, the laces have the houndstooth patchwork design which tempts the user to buy the product.

Bottom Line

When Comparing the product specifications and features, the La Sportiva Nago Men and Women Climbing shoes are recommended for the boulderers and for the climbers who are in the initial stage.

Any ideas, suggestions, and thoughts on the La Sportiva Nago Climbing Shoes are Welcome.

Have you used the La Sportiva Nago shoes before? If so, do comment your experience in the comment section below.

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