The Top 10 Best Work Shoes For Nurse 2020 (Guide & Review)

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The best work shoes for nurses are normally made of leather or rubber. Choose a high-quality shoe which must provide comfort, support, and stability. Rubber is the most comfortable and lightweight material for this kind of shoes.

Make sure your shoes are not too heavy and chunky because it may reduce your work performance. Picking the lightweight shoe will add an extra comfort and offers constant support.

It must support your feet enough to absorb your movement impacts, good nursing shoes should be designed with a curved surface cradling the arch of your foot. Comfortable nursing shoes will provide posture support and eliminate low back pain as well as the leg problems.

All the shoes listed below offer a great variety of features, designs, and patterns to make your choice much easier. Choose the best shoes for nurses and start having pleasant, comfortable and painless working days.

Top 10 Best Work Shoes for Nurses


Dansko Women's Pro XP Mule, Iridescent Leopard, 40 EU/9.5-10 M US

This shoe is designed with superior toe and heel support also comes with low inch heel to support natural balance.

The outsole is excellent at absorbing shock so your legs don’t take the impact, extra cushioning in the heel make free from heel striking pain. The rocker bottom will help to make each and every step glide with ease; it also allows your natural gait to flow freely. 

This XP clog features a padded collar for offering comfortable ankle while you walk, the supportive insole will pad and cushion your feet smoothly. 

It offers a stable and well-supported ride because of its low heel height and molded nylon arch which also helps to keep your foot safe and secure from injuries. 

It is breathable and waterproof which is combined with the slip-resistant rubber outsole to keep your feet comfortable. It is an affordable and high-quality pair of shoes which is ideal for those who stand for an extended period of time.


Crocs Unisex Men's and Women's Classic Clog, Navy, 9 US

The crocs classic clogs are made from synthetic material which enhances the comfort and provides supportive footwear.

Crocs nursing shoes offer lightweight and comfortable shoes that don’t give pressure to your feet, hips, and spine. The outsole is constructed from a slip-resistant material and it comes with footbed which provides a good arch support. 

It is designed with a rocker bottom and cushion footbed to work for a long time with it. It is designed with a spacious toe box which is suitable for both wide and narrow feet because your toes will be able to spread so it will be great for you to stand with it.

 The unique leather material is specially designed to soften the body heat; it also offers a nice stability. They offer a nice bit of cushion and are made up of lightweight materials. It has low heel and back strap for more secure fit; the crocs shoes are long-lasting while their outsoles are the best for hospital environments. They are comfortable to wear for the whole day and not feel any foot or back pain.


Skechers Sport Women's Premium-Premix Slip-On Sneaker,White/Navy,7 M US

The Skechers Sure Track is ultra comfortable and is designed with a rubber outsole which is resistant to oil, slips, and chemicals.

The insoles are made with a memory foam cushioned material that makes the shoe ideal for all-day wear. It has combined high-quality and beautiful design, the lace-less design and cushioned tongue add extra comfort to your foot. 

The mesh upper lightens these shoes up and helps to keep your feet more comfortable, and also provides a good airflow or ventilation. These shoes have good shock absorption which is suitable for full day work because of the memory foam insole supplies long-lasting comfort to your feet. 

It also includes a stretch top panel for a secure fit, the soft cushioning insole is removable which is built-in the heel for natural comfort. The flexibility of the outsole increases the overall fitness because it molds your feet and makes the interior feel customized.


Alegria Paloma Womens Mary Jane Gothic Steel 6 W US

It is made up of leather and slips resistant polyurethane outsole to make your foot cool and dry which also provides a strong grip on the surface.

The insoles are designed especially with greater built-in arch support. It is one of the stylish and comfortable shoes to wear for a long time. 

The Alegria professional shoe consists of an outside rocker which cradles the cork and polyurethane layer, above that is a memory foam pad but it is under the leather sole. These types of shoes are excellent for absorbing shock while wearing for long period of time. 

The removable insole will allow you to wear your favorite insole or custom orthotic, this quality adds overall value for this shoe.  It comes with a wider toe box and they will last a long time even with frequent use.

 It is lightweight and available in a variety of fun patterns, these leather slip-on come with memory foam cushioning and removable insole for better convenience. This shoe is crafted with the very comfortable footbed that helps with plantar fasciitis and other issues.


Dansko Women's Professional Black Tooled Clog 8.5-9 M US

The Dansko professional clog is designed with leather and features a polyurethane outsole and it is the great choice for a working nurse.

It is built-in with a reinforced toe that provides additional protection along with a padded collar for offering better support. The padded collar gives a great support for ankles and it features a rocker bottom so it is possible to walk with ease. 

This shoe is designed with a lot of space to avoid bad odor and moisture; it is also very easy to clean. The instep collar provides comfort while walking; the PU foam footbed is breathable which helps to regulate the temperature in good condition. 

The PU outsole and rocker bottom facility provide more stability which absorbs shock to keep your feet free from stress and pain. To increase the stability in this shoe it has designed with wide heel strike, the height of the heels depends on the size you choose. This can make your legs look better and to stay more comfortable.


Brooks Womens Addiction Walker Walking Shoe - White - 2A - 10.0

Brook nursing shoes offer extra soft cushion which keeps your feet comfortable so that it can help to make your working day easier.

This shoe provides a lot of support for those with plantar fasciitis and other foot problems. Extra cushioning in the heel gives natural support balance while you walk. 

The outsole is excellent because it absorbs shock and keeps your feet free from stress and pain. A heightened heel allows for greater balance and stability, the rocker bottom allows natural gait to flow freely at any surface. The synthetic outsole is flexible and comfortable during long wear also the supportive insole will pad and cushion your feet. 

It helps to reduce the muscle fatigue and to feel more stable during the gait cycle. You have a great amount of cushioning so you can stay free and don’t worry about the sweat because there are many little panels which boost the air flow to make it more breathable.


Merrell Women's Encore Nova 2 Slip-On Shoe, Black Smooth, 10 M US

Merrell Encore guest is a comfortable slip-on shoe which is completely covered by full grain leather material.

It comes with an innovative air cushion in the heel to absorb the shock and to cushion every step. The outsole is constructed by a sticky rubber and offers a flexible wear which minimizes foot and leg fatigue or any other issues. 

The high-quality footbed and breathable mesh lining take away moisture from the foot so you won’t get tired at the end of the day. The encore is filled with mesh material to keep your foot cool and dry and also prevents bad odors.

These shoes come with a special anti-fatigue technology which means you will have ideal foot shock absorption and all-day foot, back as well as leg support. 

It has a safe grip slip-resistant sole which can eliminate slippage and the heel-to-toe rocker design will decrease the foot pressure.


Nurse Mates Womens Dove Oxford, Black, 5

The Nurse Mate shoe is a super lightweight cushioned shoe, the breathable and protective leather ensures your feet to be safe from workplace hazards.

A low heel and rubber slip-resistant make the shoe perfect for any nursing women. The non-marking rubber outsoles will keep you best while walking. 

The dove is constructed with an EVA midsole and a lightweight material for offering superior stability when your feet hit the ground. The collars are padded and the elastic edges make them easy to slip on and off, this shoe has thick EVA cushioning which is easy to remove and replace. 

Lightweight internal steel shanks will offer lateral stability while you try to move and a rubber slip-resistant outsole will prevent you from injuries. It comes with a cushioned footbed to give a soft and smooth touch to your feet, when you need to wear the shoe for the whole day it is a smarter choice to pick this one.


Sanita Pro. Patent Women's Clog in Black sz 9.5-10

It is one of the most comfortable shoes in the market today; this will be the perfect model for nurses who are in the move for a whole day.

These shoes have a good traction and provide an excellent support on the outer sole of the shoe. It is definitely a high-quality product because it gives a lot of support so your muscles and tendons are less fatigued during night shifts. 

This shoe is also designed with great arch support, the midsole is thick enough to absorb the shock very well. Special memory foam is kept in the insole which gives an excellent feeling while you walk for the entire day. 

The upper part is mainly shielded with leather so the shoes are durable and they look very nice. These shoes are perfect for people with wider feet and it is very spacious, so you may not feel uncomfortable or stressed when wearing them in. it gives a classic look to your feet because it is crafted with ultimate high-quality materials.


SoftWalk Women's Meredith Clog, Black met, 7.5 M US

The insoles are covered with a dual density footbed which is super cushioned for arch support and comfort. This shoe is completely shielded with full-grain leather and rubber outsole. The rocker bottom drives you forward allowing natural movement they also have a wide toe box that will allow your toes to move freely. 

It is excellent at absorbing and reducing the shock and also provides necessary support and increases the overall comfort of the shoe. The extra soft cushion makes your feet sink and adds additional comfort to make your working day easier. 

They are made of good materials with leather casing and rubber soles; it also enhances the durability of the shoe. The clog is made of lightweight and flexible compound materials and they come with the 1.25-inch heel with a slip-resistant rubber outsole. The insole is removable so it makes the cleaning and washing much simpler.

Best Work Shoes For Nurse Buying Guide

Nurses are the people who need highly supportive and comfortable shoes because they spend most of their day no less than 12 hours walking around.

There are varieties of shoes available in market that come in variety of shapes, styles and features. Here are some of the essential features to help you choose the best shoes for nurses.


High quality nursing shoes should provide comfort, support and stability to reduce the foot, back and leg pain. It is best to choose the shoes that are made of leather or rubber because it makes your foot light.

Support is extremely important. The proper shoe will promote proper posture and also have adequate arch support with cushioned sole to absorb shock. 

Get the shoe that works best for your feet

Shoes should fit your feet perfectly. When you pick the nursing shoe, an important factor to look is the stability and comfort which they provide.

Leather offers some best protection against spills there are synthetic leathers available which have higher levels of breathability. The main features that determine the comfortability of a shoe is its padding, soft materials, absorption, and breathability.


Cushioning plays an important role in shock absorption and it is what you normally find around the inner sole, well padding, tongue padding, collar padding and the insole.

If more material is between your feet and the floor the less shock you will get to your body.


Padding is nothing but cushioning of a specific element rather than the cushioning of shoe as whole. The padding of each element provides good constant support.

Instead of increasing cushioning and comfort, the tongue, collar, and ankle makes considerable level of support.

Slip Prevention

The proper footwear has the greatest effect on occurrences so they need a shoe that provides traction and non-slip material on the outsole.

Features that prevent slippage are not always related directly to grip. Make sure your nursing shoes are not heavy and clunky because they are constantly on their feet that are lightweight.

Final Words

A well-designed nursing shoe must provide sufficient amount of long-term support, comfort, and overall stability. Choose a shoe that fits your feet perfectly!

The above-mentioned guidelines will help you to pick the comfortable shoe.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best shoes for standing all day?

Clogs, crocs, athletic sneakers and casual shoes will be the best for standing all day.  Dansko clogs offer high quality and comfort that comes with durability.

It is specially designed for nurses working long hours and being constant on their feet.

What are the best shoes for nurses with plantar fasciitis?

The new balance women’s shoe provides a good comfort and balance. It features top of the line cushioning for additional flexibility.

The bottom of the shoe has additional cushioning to provide a long lasting support.

How to choose the best insoles for plantar fasciitis?

These types of shoes are specially designed for offering more comfort to the users.

Good cushioning will help to remove the fatigue when you are standing for the whole day and while walking on the hard surface. Arch support is also designed to prevent your foot from plantar fasciitis.

How to pick the most comfortable shoes for women?

The shoe is mainly made from durable leather with a rubber sole. Flat shoes are the most comfortable option because they allow your feet to roll heel to toe when you walk. It evenly distributes weight across your foot.

Are running shoes good for walking?

Many walking shoe models are designed for comfort wear or workplace. Comfort shoes are highly cushioned to relieve stress from standing.

You should be able to bend and flex the shoe in the forefoot, if they are so flexible you can bend them in half with ease.

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