Best Women’s Hunting Boots for Hunting Season

If you go hunting without the right pair of boots, your experience will not be nearly as enjoyable as it should. A pair of good boots makes all the difference—but how do you choose the right one? In this guide, we’ve curated the best women’s hunting boots currently on the market, sharing valuable insights on each to help you select the best boots for your needs.

Overall Best

1. HISEA Women's Rubber Rain Boots

These mid-calf boots for women do a great job of combining style with function. They have a durable leather build with comfortable rubber soles. The boots are also great for virtually every situation and environment thanks to being 100-percent waterproof. You’ll also love that there are several color options to choose from. You can sport something plain or go with a camo print. 

The boots are lined with five millimeters of neoprene that provides flexibility, shock absorption, and heat retention. These features are particularly important when you’re hunting in cold and wet environments. The lining is also made of a breathable air mesh that lets air travel through the boots. Your feet definitely won’t feel cooked inside these.

While hunting, waterproofing is only one of your worries. You also have to think about protection for your ankles and low legs, which is what’s so great about the HISEA Women’s Rubber Rain Boots. They have a completely sealed rubber shell that extends above the ankle. The area around the back of the heel is also reinforced with a triple layer for maximum protection.


  • There’s remarkable support around the ankles and Achilles tendon
  • Thick neoprene layer that keeps your feet dry
  • Rubber soles for both comfort and durability
  • The insulated boots are more affordable than many name brands


  • You could pick the wrong size if you don’t pay attention to the size chart
  • There are only two camo colors

Affordable doesn’t have to mean uncomfortable, and the HISEA Women’s Rubber Rain Boots really highlights that fact. It’s perfect if you’re looking for moderately priced, comfortable, and reliable hunting boots.

One of our favorite features of these boots is the thick neoprene layers. At five inches, it’s thicker than most of the competitors, providing extra toughness, heat retention, comfort, and complete waterproofing.

The boots are comfort rated -4°F/-20°C to 50°F/ 10°C. That means you don’t have to worry about cold or heat when you’re working within these temperatures. Speaking of comfort, the boots’ lining is made of an incredibly breathable mesh that gives your feet better circulation. If you want even more ventilation, you can roll it down and get more air flowing.

If you’re working in wet conditions, the risk of slipping and falling is real. That’s why we’re excited about the TIDEWE Hunting Boot for Women’s ribbed outsole wraps. The unique sole design improves grip and traction under your feet. The boots are also light enough that they don’t become a bother when you’re moving around for long periods.

For all the features listed, these boots are relatively affordable. They may not be the cheapest models on the market, but their comfort and effectiveness more than make up for that. They are available in pink and mint green colors.


  • Thick neoprene layer for waterproofing, warmth, and comfort
  • They are flexible and very breathable
  • Soles provide incredible traction and grip
  • Great in both cold and warm weather


  • Some may consider 15 inches too high
  • They are only available in two colors

If you’re after functionality, the TIDEWE Hunting Boot for Women is a strong choice. It has thick insulation, but remains breathable—great for both warm and cold weather. And with the high traction soles, it’s perfect for almost any terrain.

One of our favorite things about these boots is the unique color schemes. Instead of pink and green, they come in Mossy Oak BreakUp Country and Realtree Edge, two unique patterns that are both stylish and functional. And Lacrosse applies this same philosophy to everything else about the boots.

For example, they have premium hand-laid rubber soles that guarantee durability, flexibility, and comfort. Plus, they are very light—an entire boot weighs only two pounds. The rubber used by Lacrosse is also scent-suppressing, so you won’t have to worry about airing the boots out after every use.

Speaking of ventilation, the inside is lined with a breathable mesh that holds up in both cold and warm conditions. There’s also an embossed liner to improve air circulation and a thick cushioning EVA for ease of use.

The boot extends to 15 inches above the heel, which is enough to give you that snug fit. You can also expect an adjustable rear gusset to make fitting much easier for you. The one thing that may be a bother, if you’re not a fan of pink, the pink emblems on the side are not removable.


  • Active contours that fit the shape of your feet
  • Hand-laid premium rubber that’s both comfortable and scent-free
  • They come in two highly unique color patterns
  • Neoprene lining for flexibility and durability


  • There’s a pink emblem on the side that you can't get rid of
  • The fit could be snugger around the lower feet

The first striking thing about these hunting boots is the active camouflage. They mimic patterns in the wild so well and cover most of the boots’ surface, unlike many other brands. These alone make the boots perfect for most any season.

The boots are 100-percent waterproof and made of high-grade rubber. They are tough and durable on the outside, but comfortable on the inside. This comfort is achieved by the EVA contoured midsole. It mimics your feet’s natural arches and fits like a glove. We also loved the removable PU comfort insole. It gives you extra cushioning if you need it. 

Remember how most hunting boots have scent-repelling rubber soles? Well the HUNTSHIELD Woman’s Neoprene Muck Boot goes one step further by equipping a scent-free fleece lining. This provides extra warmth while also making sure that your boots don’t get stinky after a long day.

We are huge fans of traction on boots because it makes them so much more functional. The manufacturer describes the sole design as “aggressive” because of the way it responds to the terrain while still giving you all the comfort and stability you need.


  • Breathable mesh and scent-free inner fleece
  • Aggressive rubber soles with traction
  • Unique camo design
  • EVA contoured midsole


  • Only available in one pattern
  • You need to pay attention to the sizes for the best fit

The HUNTSHIELD Woman’s Neoprene Muck Boot has a unique camo pattern that you won’t find anywhere else. But that’s not all it has going for it. The boots are also highly functional with comfortable soles, a breathable mesh, and a 100-percent waterproof rating. 

The XPETI Women’s Boot is a little different from the other products on this list. For starters, it only extends to the ankles, which means there’s a little less insulation for your legs. But as a budget pair of boots, it holds its own quite well.

It is made of a combination of fabric and synthetic materials for maximum performance. The rubber soles are durable, flexible, and have a high grip. That makes them perfect for almost any terrain. There's also a toe cap protection outsole for extra value.

We love that even though it’s moderately priced, it has great features—like, for example, an EVA midsole. The boots are also lightweight and sturdy, and you’ll really feel the shock absorption properties—especially if carrying heavy weights.

Even though these boots stop at the ankle, they are highly insulated and can protect you from cold weather down to -25°C. We also love that they come in four simple (but fun) colors: charcoal grey; white; black; and camo. The cherry on top is that there’s a return policy, so you can always send it back if you're not satisfied.


  • The shaft extends eight inches above the ankle
  • Rugged soles with flexibility and comfort
  • Insulated for up to -25°C
  • Perfect for both hunting and hiking


  • The midshaft section is quite short
  • Size chart can be confusing

If you’re in the market for budget shoes that still deliver great value, we highly recommend the XPERIA Women's Thermator Boot. Beside the short mid-shaft section, it has pretty much everything you might need and then some.

Things to Know Before You Buy

What Size Are They?

The size is a significant part of choosing a pair of hunting boots, more so if you plan to do other things like hiking in these boots. It’s important to pay attention to this point because manufacturers differ, and some of them make the boots one size too small while others make them one size too large.

Tight hunting boots can quickly take the joy from your activities. Plus, the longer you wear them, the more uncomfortable they get. You also risk getting blisters, twisting your ankle, or spraining something else. 

On the other hand (or foot should we say), if the boots are too large, you’ll feel a different kind of discomfort. They can interrupt your stride, causing you to drag your feet, stumble, or trip often. These are actions you want to avoid while hunting for both safety reasons and to avoid scaring away the game.

Still, if the shoes are only a size too large, you can wear thick socks to compensate and achieve a snug fit. Shoes that are too tight, however, have no remedies.

It’s important to check the size charts carefully before ordering any pair of hunting boots online. When in doubt, order a size up so you can at least compensate with thick socks.

How Breathable Are They?

Breathability can also affect your comfort while wearing these boots. Because most hunting boots have high mid shafts, your feet can get very hot very quickly. This is especially true if you’re hunting in humid weather.

Shoes with a breathable mesh help you avoid this. They promote ventilation around your feet by allowing air to pass more freely. Some brands also feature adjustable gussets on the back of the boot. You can use these to get even more ventilation and improve your comfort.

How Stylish Are They?

Style isn’t a factor for everyone. If it’s important to you, rejoice—because most boots have some element of style. Even though some look better than others, you can always find something that makes you happy, even if you’re on a budget.

For example, there are hunting boots that combine solid colors with camo patterns, which may be perfect for people who can’t decide on a specific style. There are also boots with mostly camo print. These help you blend into the environment—and with the right outfit—can improve your hunting experience.

If you’re out for something with more simplicity, there are also boots with solid colors through and through. They come in everything from pink to blue and even off white.

How Much Do They Cost?

Hunting boots are available at a wide range of prices, from $50 to $500 dollars. And as with many other items, expensive doesn't always mean better. There are certainly budget boots that outperform premium priced ones by a significant margin.

When shopping on price, it’s always better to watch out for other features as well, like the ones highlighted above. You want to make sure it’s breathable, comfortable, and durable.

Sometimes, the difference in price may be due to simple changes, like the use of four millimeters of neoprene instead of the six used in premium brands. There may also be other changes, like the use of anti-scent rubber soles or a different kind of breathable mesh.

What About Grip?

Ideally, you want your boots to grip the ground as aggressively as possible. You’ll probably have to walk across multiple surfaces, from loose dirt to clay and even hard rocks. Rubber soles with unique grippy designs are best for these. 

The midsole also affects the grip, albeit indirectly. You want boots that have an EVA midsole. These are usually designed to fit the contours of your feet, improving the snug fit. With a fit like that, ploughing through uneven terrain becomes even easier for you.


What Are the Best Hunting Boots?

Some of the best hunting boots are made by manufacturers like HISEA, TIDEWE, and Lacrosse. They make boots that are comfortable, durable in cold weather, and highly breathable. They also usually have a pretty good camo print.

Should You Buy Hunting Boots a Size Bigger?

Ideally, you want boots that are exactly your size. That way, you can enjoy the hard work that manufacturers put into making the shoes comfortable. But if you can't be sure of an exact fit, then it’s wise to buy hunting boots one size up. That way, you can wear thick socks or make other adjustments that bring the boots down to your size.

How Do You Know If Hunting Boots Are Vegan?

Vegan hunting boots are manufactured without using any animal products. That means no leather and no suede. It’s often difficult to tell at a glance, but you can look at the individual materials. Many vegan boots have rubber soles, neoprene linings, and cotton interiors.

How High Should Hunting Boots Be?

This question is highly subjective as the answer depends solely on your preference. Some of the boots on this list have mid-shafts as high as 15 inches. But, some women don't feel comfortable wearing boots higher than 10 inches. One thing to keep in mind is that the higher the boots, the more insulation your legs will have. This is invaluable if you’re hunting in a cold climate.


During our review, we concluded that the HISEA Women's Rubber Rain Boots are the best women's hunting boots for hunting season. They are reasonably priced with a great leather build, comfortable soles, and are 100-percent waterproof. The boots also have triple-layer reinforcement around your ankle for more protection.

If you're looking for something that's both functional and aesthetic, the HUNTSHIELD Woman’s Neoprene Muck Boot is your best bet. It has a unique camouflage pattern that blends well with all seasons. It also has a rugged and high grip sole, breathable mesh, and EVA contoured midsole.

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